Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pumpkin Shopping Report
by cuckypantyboy

Some of you may remember @azpanties #pumpkining for me last year. AliceinBondageland was looking for a boy to do it "For Science", and of course, I had to have azp contribute to the cause! ;-)

It was so much fun, I've decided to make it an annual tradition. Kicking things off this year is a new boy from Twitter, who I'm going to call "cuckypantyboy". 

Here's his shopping report:

* * *

Thank You for allowing me to do this assignment! 

I stopped by WalMart after work to pick up my pumpkin. As I walked into the produce section, I was surprised and a little embarrassed as my little boner started to grow. I tried to convince myself that I just looked like a normal guy buying a pumpkin but inside I felt like everyone knew what my plans were. 

Most people pick a pumpkin based on shape or color but I was looking for one that looked good to hump for You. I settled on one that looked not quite "ripe" as I know I need to hide it in my truck for a few days. I certainly don't want it to get rotten. 

As I carried it to the checkout, it felt like everybody that I passed looked at me with that "knowing" look. As embarrassed as I was, I couldn't stop my little dick from getting hard!

 Of course I had trouble at the self checkout because there was nothing to scan and the scale wasn't working. When the attendant came to help me I could feel myself turning red. I know there was nothing weird about it, but I really felt like she was looking at me like I was a complete pervert who was planning on putting my dick in this pumpkin. 

Anyway, I got it to my truck and now it's waiting for this weekend. It's amazing that I'm actually looking forward to spending some quality time alone fucking this pumpkin for You, Mistress. Once again, thank You for allowing me to do this! 


Your pantyboy

* * *

I expected him to feel self-conscious shopping, but needing help at checkout was perfect! ;-)

Next: Cuckypantyboy's Pumpkin-Loving Release!

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