Monday, October 26, 2015

Pre-Halloween Pumpkining Report
by cuckypantyboy

Yes, I made you wait a week for this, but the anticipation is good for you! ;-)

Continued from cuckypantyboy's Pumpkin Shopping Report


This morning, I finally completed the pumpkining assignment. I could barely sleep last night in anticipation! I haven't had any release in about three weeks and haven't even stroked all week so I was very ready!

I waited until I had the house to myself then went to my truck to get the pumpkin that had been waiting for the last couple days. I took it into the house and cut one hole in it. Wouldn't You know it, this morning we had the first frost of the season and the pumpkin was quite cold! I wanted it to warm up a little so I left it sitting on the counter and took the time to put my panties in the laundry - another thing I have to do on the rare times I have the house to myself. I was so excited that I was shaking and my little dick was at least half-hard the whole time.

Once the laundry was started, I took the pumpkin into the bathroom and got naked. I didn't care if it was cold, my little boner was standing straight and I couldn't wait any longer! As I slid my penis into the pumpkin I was surprised at the feeling. Other than it being a little chilly, it felt quite good.

I laid it down on the floor so I could really start to pump it. The more I pumped the better it felt. The outer shell provided a rough friction while the inner seeds were delightfully tickling my head.

After just a couple of minutes I could feel myself getting ready to cum. I didn't want it to be done so quickly though. So I slowed down, grabbed my phone and took a couple pictures for You. I imagined You there watching me as I violated this pumpkin. The thought of You looking down at me laughing as I pleasured myself was too much to take and I started to squirt inside the pumpkin. The cum acted as a great lubricant and my orgasm was so intense. It felt like I squirted a gallon!

Once I recovered, I pulled out of the hole. One last drop of cum dripped from my shrinking penis. Without thinking, I knelt down and licked it off the pumpkin.

I feel a little foolish saying this, but I really enjoyed doing this assignment for You. Thank You for the opportunity to serve You in this way, Mistress.


So...who's next? ;-) 

E-mail ForMistressMagick at yahoo dot com and volunteer for the Pumkining assignment.

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