Sunday, October 26, 2014

Panty Shopping Report
by Sissy Tiffy

Below is a panty shopping report from a new potential, Sissy Tiffy. She's in an area of Alaska that doesn't have my usual favorite lingerie shops, so had to get a little creative.


I originally had the plan of doing this assignment later this afternoon, because I have a date near the place where I purchased my panties. But then I realized I would have been uncomfortable bringing a backpack with panties in my size - and with my credit card on the receipt - inside of my backpack to a restaurant, so I decided to do the assignment this morning.

I took the bus to the mall. I got there a little early and walked around the shops a bit before I went inside to the two stores I picked out: Torrid and Aerie. I thought I was playing it smart by arriving so early and getting there before any other customers, but that was not so. Both stores had customers while I was shopping, which made me a little nervous as I looked around at the items. I was greeted at both stores by the employees. For both conversations, I basically said I was new in town and just kind of exploring. I also asked about sizing at both stores.

Aerie had panties all throughout the store, but none were in my size so I didn't stay long - just a few moments to casually look around.

However, as you can see in the attached pictures, I did buy panties (and bracelets) at Torrid, both of which were very obviously in the lingerie part of the store, so I couldn't just scope out the panties nonchalantly: I had to be pretty obvious with the fact that I was looking for the right size and look of female underwear! I tried to play it cool for a bit, then realized that I was just spending more time looking through all the styles and colors that they offered.

I settled on two styles, a black thong with very little lace trim because it sounded fun and daring, and a more basic style black panty with a lot more lace trim. However they didn't have my size for the thongs, so I ended up picking out the more basic style. If they'd had the thong, I might have bought both. The bracelets caught my eye as well, so I threw them in with my purchases.

It was smooth sailing after that, except for the fact that I was now carrying a Torrid black bag all the way to the bus, then to my bus stop, then on a 15 minute walk home. Very few people were walking around or even noticed me, but in hindsight I might have been more comfortable taking a backpack to stow my purchases.


 Sissy Tiffy

Oh, I kind of like the idea of you carrying the bag out for everyone to see as you journeyed home. ;-)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Maxi Pad Shopping Report
by jezi darling

With sophie on extended sissi-cation, everyone adjusting back to their non-summer routines and my dealing with some other "stuff", things have been rather quiet here. I think it's a good time to post some of the reports that I was too busy to edit before.

I'm sure you remember when I sent sophie to buy maxipads. The fun thing about having multiple sissies in training is that often when one does something, the others are eager to join in. Therefore, it was no surprise that jezi, who had once or twice before worn pads nicked from the ladies in her household, wanted to go shopping too. It's much more appropriate - and potentially embarrassing - for her to have her own stash anyway. ;-)


Mistress had previously announced i was to follow Her and wear a pad/towel when it was Her time, so as to be a better girl and to be closer to Her at that time of the month.

i had read the recently posted shopping report of my sisster* sophie, from when she had been advised to research and purchase her own pads to wear along with Mistress, so i knew of the style and design that Mistress preferred for Herself and Her gurls.

[*sisster = sissy sister  ~ M]

Living in a house of girls, as Mistress is aware, gives me an extra insight into ladies sanitary wear over a period of some 20 years. This insight, and experience, perhaps, made the shopping task much less of an ordeal, or humilation, than it might for other gurls in training with Mistress. That being said it does make a difference to one's mentality when the purchases are in fact for yourself!

The brief was simple - ladies towels, unscented, with wings, thin maxi pads, preferably cotton or similar, perhaps with a hint of aloe. With this in mind, i set off to a local branch of Boots the Chemist since i knew full well they would have a suitably large selection to choose from. There are many brand names in the UK, most of which were mentioned in sophie's wonderful report, but i had reason to believe that "Always" should be the one to provide the best solution to the task i had been set.

True enough, as evidenced by the images below, what appeared to be the perfect option was soon located amongst a shelf full of different sizes, and 'strengths' (if that is the correct word for the ability of a pad). It had wings and was of sufficient 'size', as well as being odour free, and having a cotton-feel touch.

Having selected a pack of 16, and not using a basket so as to have to actually carry the packet in my hands to add some embarrassing feelings to my task [*evil grin*], i headed to the counter to pay for my purchase. There was a hint of unease when handing them to the young lady at the checkout, but that was internal, for she probably thought i was being a good, modern man, helping out my Lady. :-)

As i stated above, i do have experience of collecting/purchasing all manner of ladies sanitary wear over the years, but to knowingly do so, for oneself, did add some spice to the trip! Thank You, Mistress. :)

i am sure the same pads/towels are also available from our larger supermarkets in the UK such as Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's etc, as i have seen vast arrays of sanitary wear in them, and, having purchased these, can do a rekky of them to see if they are indeed held at these supermarkets for my future purchases.

Having had the opportunity to join with Mistress over the last four days, i can verify that although there is an 'unusual' feeling between one's legs, that they feel generally comfortable, and remain secure, throughout the day, with no slippage, or detaching, even overnight!

Thank You, Mistress

Love and kisses always,

Your sissy, jezi girl

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