Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Part 3: Wearing my Secretary's Outfit While Working from Home
by sophie

As you know, sophie recently had a Girlie Day, including a Sissy Shopping Trip where I sent her to shop with a note which she gave the shop girls, followed by another Waxing at her favorite Girlie Salon.

Part 1: Shopping for My Office Outfit with a Note from Mistress

Part 2: Getting my Legs Waxed Again at the Girlie Salon

Soon afterward, she took advantage of having the house to herself for a week by enjoying the rewards of her Girlie Day, including wearing her new secretarial outfit while she worked from home for the day. 


I had mentioned to Mistress that if I was able to work from home, with the house to myself, I would wear my secretary outfit for which she had recently sent me on a shopping trip. I woke up, with some excitement as today I was going to work from home and dress in my ladies clothes, all day!

I was already locked in my chastity device, but I climbed out of bed and took a pair of my knickers out, an M and S lace thong, which has two cute little bows at the front and back.

Then I took out the rest of my ladies office outfit, which were to be my work clothes for the day. I put my feet into the tights, and began to slide them up my smooth, girlie, waxed legs.

Next followed the white, lace-trimmed bra. I fastened the back, then slid the straps onto my shoulders. I felt it tight against me and felt so girlie.

Next, I put on my blouse, remembering the buttons were on the opposite side to my men's shirts. Then, I put my skirt on.

Now it was time for my accessories. Girls love to accessorise! I put on my belt, bracelet and necklace. I looked at myself in the mirror, dressed just like a lady going to the office.

In the afternoon, I received a tweet from Mistress, saying that I would need to wear my maxi pads. I went to the bedroom and took out my pads. Taking one out in it's yellow packet, I lifted up my skirt and took off my tights and thong. I unwrapped the maxi pad and placed it into my thong and fastened the wings around. Then I put my thong and tights back on. (Would a real girl have just pulled her knickers down and put the pad in rather then taking them off?) [Yes, a real girl just pulls them down, but you're still learning. :-) ~ M]

It felt a bit strange with my pad in - I could feel it between my legs. It was a bit packed in there, as I was also wearing my chastity device also. I tweeted Mistress, to let her know I was wearing my pad.

Finally it was the end of my working day. Wearing my office outfit was very nice - I looked and felt like a girl at the office would. I wish I had put my make up on, but that could have been an issue if I had had to go into the office on short notice.

I did feel girlie and wondered what the people I was emailing or speaking to on the phone would have thought at the idea of me in my nice ladies office outfit. Perhaps they would have told me to buy some more outfits and come in to the office wearing them, so they could have fun with the new office secretary!

When Mistress said I needed to wear my maxi pad, it made me feel even more girlie - having to stop doing a piece of work and go put one on, and then feeling it between my legs, especially when I sat down.

After finishing work, I took my outfit off, changed into my pink bra (same as the white one, the girls in the shop who helped me pick my outfit out, suggested I get them) and put my nice, pink, patterned dress on. I fastened the belt that came with the dress, and went back downstairs.

I looked down at my tights and how nice they looked.

I remembered that in the shop when I was buying them, the girls told me about the different shades. I started to search on the internet about tights and hosiery, and I found a YouTube channel all about ladies tights, stockings etc. After watching a couple of videos, I tweeted Mistress the link to one of the vids, as I thought they would be good for girlie training.

[This is a great channel, and one all the sissies (as well as leg and hose lovers) should check out.]

Then I relaxed, watched some telly and did some reading like any real girl would. Eventually, it was time for bed. I took my dress, tights and accessories off, then decided to change my maxi pad as I'd been wearing it most of the day and under my tights. So, for the first time, I had been dressed as a girl all day, from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night! I felt both pleased and submissive that I had been so.

I do wish I had been able to get some classic pumps, as Mistress suggested, to go with my new outfit, but I enjoyed my girlie day and being Mistress' secretary. I had been Mistress' office girl all day, dressed smartly while working and then getting changed into my pink dress after work, just like a real girl would. I felt very submissive because I was wearing an outfit that Mistress and several shop girls had chosen for me, just like a sissy girl who is being feminised and needs to be trained to be a girl.

The following day, I wore my knickers and another pad while still locked in my chastity device. (Mistress had thought about letting me have a girlie cummie as a reward, but decided that I hadn't been chaste for long enough).

I had to go into the office, but once I got home, I decided to wear something casual, so I put my plain white t-shirt on and tried it with some of my skirts: my black skater skirt, my nice netball skirt and my tartan skirt.

I tweeted Mistress, and she said I should wear my tartan one. [Pic at right of Knife-Pleat Royal Stuart Tartan Mini Skirt from, where sophie got her 14" one.]

Just like a real girl, I was discussing what outfit I should wear! So I put my tartan skirt and black tights on, and wore them for the rest of the evening. I liked the casual look and felt relaxed, the skirt was above the knee, and felt like something a girl would wear at the weekend when she was relaxing, but it still looking nice and girlie. I felt very girlie discussing which skirt I should wear with Mistress, and then walking around in my short skirt.

For the rest of the week, I wore my knickers with a maxi pad and locked in my chastity device. It was very submissive putting my pads in each morning before going into work, and of course sitting there in the office wearing them. I'm sure some of the girls in the office would have also been using them too. How they would have enjoyed knowing I was having to wear them because Mistress had said I has to!

I'm sure they would have teased by asking which ones I used, and when was I going to wear my skirt and blouse, as I was such a girl. I imaged Mistress smiling and grinning at how her plan to turn me into her girlie office girl was working, as I blushed in front of them all, while they all asked Mistress if I could go to work everyday as a girl and serve them all!

And the end of my girlie week, Mistress allowed me to have a girlie cummie. I rubbed against the bed, slowly teasing myself for as long as I could. I imagined Mistress and the girls watching me, telling me how pretty I was, how I made a good girl, and how they were going to turn me into their girl. Then I could feel it. I took a deep breath and felt myself cum. I thanked Mistress, and drifted off to sleep, her girlie girl.



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