Thursday, July 17, 2014

World Cup Chastity Game Rewards & Punishments: Punishment Report
by submissive geek

As readers of my Male Service blog and Twitter feed know, I ran a "little" Chastity/Spanking/Edging Game for the World Cup. Among the players who weren't My subs, submissive geek was by far the best*, and we've been talking now about his Applying to Me.

*To Me, this means following my instructions regarding the Rewards and Punishments, including performing and reporting them in a timely and respectful manner, regardless of whether your team won or lost.

Those who played the entire game and won in the Final got an individually-designed Reward from Me, based on the Special Request ideas that they submitted privately as we began the Knock Out Rounds. This was their opportunity to ask for something extra special, new or different.

sophie was the only one who won this. Her request was to be sent to shop for a feminine outfit with a letter from me to give to the salesgirl. Yes, she got to enjoy every sissy's fantasy! 

She had a full day today of shopping (pic at right) and going to the salon, and her report is coming soon. 

The losers of the Final had to buy and wear black ribbons as cock rings in honor of the winner (Germany), and edge once while wearing it. 

That's jezi's hairy, censored, teeny peenie at left! (LOL!) 

submissive geek's somewhat more impressive pic is below. Since I'm considering whether I want to officially put him Under Consideration, I had him submit a detailed report. Besides, I knew many of you would be curious about how these last World Cup Rewards and Punishments went, and that he would probably welcome having his published. 

Enjoy! ;-)

My day started amazingly with a message from Mistress that, to my amazement, contained a recording of Her voice. It was so wonderful to hear Mistress Magick. I listened to it many times and it drove me crazy! Especially every time she said my name, mmm :)

Having been driven to new levels of horniness (on my seventh day of chastity!), I tied a black ribbon around my cock in honor of Germany. I wrapped a yard of silky black ribbon around my cock and balls quite tightly to make a cock ring effect and finished it off with a bow. I took a picture for Mistress. I then took the one edge Mistress had allowed me. It was very hard to stop wanking, but i managed to force myself.

Then it was time for my spankings: I owed Mistress 250(!), including interest, for backing Brazil in the game for 3rd Place. I decided to do them in sets of 25, alternating cheeks.

The first hundred weren't so bad, but after that they were landing on already sore skin and completing each 25 was very painful. I took a few pauses in between sets and managed to make it to the full amount. My butt was glowing, as was evident in the picture i sent to Mistress.

It was quite a pre-work session, and really hard [pun intended? ~ M] to just get dressed and head out without cumming. I was a horny mess all day at work and found it hard to focus.

The ribbon felt lovely though: the ends tickled and it held my package tightly, making it rub around more than normal. I made several visits to the restroom to tighten it up - i really liked the feel when it was nice and tight. It was a wonderful reminder of Mistress throughout the day.

Mistress was kind enough to IM with me that night, but primarily due to issues my end, it lasted less time than i would have liked. However, after much begging, i was allowed an orgasm! I removed my ribbon around 7pm, but unfortunately didn't have the privacy to cum, so had to wait another night and came in the morning instead. I tied my ribbon on again while i masturbated. i thanked Mistress Magick as i orgasmed, afterward licking up my cum from my hand as directed. i really am very grateful!

Mistress has decided to place me in chastity again, hopefully it won't be for so long this time! :)   [Don't tempt me, silly boy! ;-)]

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July Ribbon Wearing & Chastity Report
by sophie

The only thing better than having sophie locked and beribboned for My Assignment of the 4th of July was knowing that she was dressed and restrained that way when she went to the post office to officially send me her pretty pink chastity key! ;-) I'm so proud that she is mine.

I got out of bed a little earlier than normal as I had to decorate Mistresses' package with the red, white and blue ribbons. I was locked into my chastity device the day before and had slept in it, only awakening once in the night with an erection.

I wrapped the each of the ribbons in turn around the base, twice, my balls trapped between the chastity devices ring and cage, and not quite their natural position. I tied a bow at the top in each ribbon, leaving the ends to drop level with my chaste balls, so they could be teased all day by the pretty ribbons, as Mistress required. I sent an email to Mistress with a photo [shown at right, but edited for this blog], letting her know that I had decorated her package with the ribbons. [Unedited pic: Mistress_Magick/status/484975138463817728/photo/1]

I went to work, locked up (for the second day) and with ribbons. I wondered what the girls would think about the nice bows around me. As I walked, I could feel the ends touching gently against my balls, reminding me of Mistress and how they belong to her. Whenever I visited the loo, I checked that the ribbons were still in place, and make sure they were tied tight enough.

I also needed to send Mistress the key to the ladies' pink padlock that she locks me in my chastity device with. I put the key into an envelope and made my way to the post office. It felt very submissive going to post the key, knowing Mistress will have it in her possession. (Sadly, it isn't possible for me to send both keys as we need to consider situations where I need to remove it and the dangers of international post.)

As I handed the envelope over to the nice lady at the post office, again I felt submissive excitement. I imagined that she knew what it was for and enjoyed teasing me about how I should be locked up until Mistress decides otherwise, and that it might be a long time before I see the key again. Having Mistress's package decorated and locked up, for her amusement made me feel very submissive and owned by Her.

I went to bed still locked and wrapped, removing the ribbons when I got up in the morning, after wearing them for a full 24 hours.



Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Ribbon Shopping & Wearing Reports
by submissive geek

submissive geek isn't going to be able to wear his ribbon at home for my assignment, so we're breaking it up into a couple different days. We agreed that his red, white and blue ribbon looks like the French flag and will be perfect for Bastille Day on July 14th, but first I had he kick off the Independence Day celebrations with a nice "appetizer" on the July 3. 

Shopping Report:

Mistress, here is the ribbon i brought. I went to a hobby store and looked through all the ribbons, but ended up settling on this one from their 4th of July aisle. It's wide; red, white and blue, and 4 yards long.
The store was mainly women, but, to be honest, i didn't find shopping for this all that embarrassing. Maybe i'm already in touch with my feminine side :)


We discussed the fact that he only purchased one ribbon, & I approved it, as well as his wearing it on July 3rd and July 14th. Now I'm thinking of adding another day so that I am sure that he has a full 24 hours plus interest!


Wearing Report:

Before work, i gathered my ribbon - about an inch wide with red, white and blue stripes. The ribbon was very long, so i decided to cut it in to three, more-manageable, lengths.

I decided to try to encase my cock for Mistress Magick and create a chastity-type feel. I started by looping it around my cock and balls, quite tightly, and knotting it off -like a cock ring. I then ran the remains around my cock and looped it back under the cock ring to hold it in place.

My aim was to hold my cock down flat (this proved hard as the whole thing had me quite excited, so i really had to focus to stay soft). But i managed to wrap my cock and hold it down with the ribbon.

Then i took a second length and wrapped it through the cock ring and over my balls to help enclose everything. I finished this off by going around the balls again and tying a nice bow.

The whole thing actually felt amazing: the ribbon was soft and, as my cock started to grow, it was delightfully constraining. I took a couple of pics for Mistress and dressed for work. It was clear that the ribbon added a lot of bulk to my cock and also made it stick out more than normal. The result was a more noticeable bulge in my trousers. This made me pretty self conscious, but I looked in the mirror and convinced myself that it wasn't too obvious.

The ribbon was very noticeable throughout the day, especially when i walked around: i could feel it holding my package and the ends tickled. However, the ribbon did become increasingly loose. As i got hard and soft, i think it acted to loosen and move the ribbon binds.

i had to rewrap it in the bathroom at lunch, This was actually pretty scary - playing around with my cock decorations in a toilet cubicle at my office! The nicest thing was the constant reminder of Mistress and of my submission throughout the day. It didn't feel like a normal work day; it felt like i was a slave for Mistress, who happened to be at work.

Unfortunately, i couldn't wear the ribbon for the whole day, so on returning home, i had a quick play [tease] through the ribbon before removing it.

Thank You for this task, Mistress.



US 4th of July Ribbon Shopping Report
by azpanties

Since he's here in the States, I asked azpanties to look for some ribbons with patriotic patterns for my July 4th assignment. He did a GREAT job! My favorite is the embellished "USA" ribbon. I can't wait to see him wrapped in these!

I chose to do my ribbon shopping on July 2 this year at Your request. I first went to Target to get a few things and looked around for some patriotic ribbons but the selection was nonexistent.

After I finished my shopping at Target, I noticed there was a Michaels craft store just across the parking lot. Walking in, there were some 4th of July trinkets on display. I found a pack of patriotic wrist band that I thought could be used as cock rings so I bought those and kept looking for some ribbons.

I finally found a full wall of different color ribbons including a red white and blue ribbon, a ribbon of the USA flag, and a ribbon of red,white and blue with USA written on it. It was only sold by the yard so I had to buy a yard of each but on the bright side it was only about 2 dollars a yard!

If you're joining my assignment, look for nearby fabric and craft shops, such as Michaels, Jo-Anns and A. C. Moore, as well as Walmarts with sewing/craft departments. Remember to look for fabric ribbons.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

UK 4th of July Ribbon Shopping Report
by My sophie

Even as I'm mourning our loss in the World Cup, I'm preparing to celebrate the USA on our Independence Day. I've ordered all my subs to take part, and I take special delight in having my British gurls decorated for the occasion. ;-) sophie is the first to submit her shopping report, and I thought it might help set the mood.


As part of Mistress' July 4th assignment, I am to decorate her package in red, white and blue ribbons.

I drove to the shop that I had purchased ribbons from for a previous assignment. I went into the shop and made my way over to the section where the ribbons were, looking for each of the three colours. There were some ladies having some materials cut and another lady was browsing.

I found the ribbons and checked they were all the same width, 6mm. They come in 5m spools. I began to imagine what the ladies would think if they knew where/what they would be wrapped around!

I thought of the ribbons teasing me all day on Friday, being kept in chastity, for Mistress' amusement, and reminding me that her package is to be used for a lady's pleasure.

I wasn't nervous, but I was excited and turned on knowing I was buying them to decorate your package as you ordered. I went over to the till and paid for the ribbons and headed back to work. [You're becoming experienced at this! Good girl! ~M]

I'd like to try them with the chastity device on. I could try wearing the device tomorrow as well and over night - my poor penis being denied and trapped in the plastic cage for longer might make my balls even more sensitive to the teasing of the ribbons on Friday. [Sounds like a perfect plan!]



It's looking like I might have all my subs locked and decorated for the holiday, but you definitely don't need to have a chastity device to join in. If you miss the 4th, I'll be accepting makeup assignments through Bastille Day on July 14th.

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