Monday, May 12, 2014

Getting my Legs Waxed at a Very Girlie Salon
by sophie

Just before last Christmas, I had been ogling at a ladies smooth silky legs. Obviously this wasn't good behaviour for a sissy so I reported to Mistress for punishment. We decided that if I liked looking at ladies' smooth silky legs so much then perhaps I should have a pair of my own to look at, so I was to get my legs waxed at a salon. Due to various privacy issues, travel, etc., Mistress allowed me to delay my waxing until I was ready and able, but she gave me some lines in the meantime.

About a month ago, I found that I would soon have time and privacy to get my legs waxed, so I let Mistress know that I would be able to have the rest of my punishment. Mistress told me to look for some salons where I could go. I found quite a few before eventually coming across a salon that has a very girlie name and which is quite pink in decor and style! I sent my list to Mistress, so she could check them, and she immediately liked the pink one! "Oh my!" I thought. I looked at their website and it didn't really list men's waxing so I emailed the salon and soon received a reply stating that they would be able to do a men's full leg wax! All I had to do was find a date when I could get time off work. Mistress had said I was to wear ladies underwear, but that they could be plain cotton ones... for now! :-o

I managed to get a day off work and emailed the salon to see if they had any appointments. I had left it a bit late as sophie had needed to take a short sissy break. The next morning my phone buzzed. It was an email from the salon. I nervously opened the email. They asked my if I could make it to the salon that afternoon! I sent a reply saying I could and soon got a reply telling me I was booked in for a full leg wax.

I was very nervous. I let Mistress know that I had been booked in and that I would see if I could find some hi-leg knickers as we felt the pair of minis I had bought would reveal too much.

I went to the shops in the morning. First I found where the salon was, and then I looked for a pair of knickers. I went into Peacocks, New Look and Tesco. I found some in Tesco, but realised that they had little bows on them. As Mistress said I should go in plain ones for my first visit, I put them back and found some boy shorts, which I put in my basket.

As I turned I saw a nice dress. It had 30% off, so was reduced to £17.50. I found one in my size, put it in my basket and made my way to pay. I stood at the check out and placed my items out on the conveyor belt. I got a knowing smile from the lady in front of me as I laid the dress out and started examining it. She must have been surprised to see a man take so much care with a dress, so perhaps she realised it was for me. I know it is nothing fancy, but as I can't dress all the time, every piece is special to me.

It was a few hours until my appointment so I went back home to change into my knickers and quickly try my dress on. Everything fit and the shorts had a bit more room to hide things. :-)

I was getting nervous now, it would soon be time to go to the salon. I left the house and made my way back. I parked the car but was about half an hour early, so I went for a walk to try and calm my nerves. Soon it was 15 minutes until my appointment, so I made my way to the salon, took a deep breath and walked in.

A young lady was sat at a table, having her nails done by a beautician, who looked up and asked if I had an appointment. Nervously, I said I had and gave her my name. She told me to take a seat. I sat down on a pink chair - there was a lot of pink! The seat was in front of the window but thankfully it was facing into the salon.

After a few moment and I settled down, I began to look around. I noticed a table was set up just in front of the chairs where I was sitting. I suddenly became nervous. Was this where I was going to be waxed, in front of everyone, in front of the window! Another lady appeared and asked me if I was me and took me into the back room (phew).

I entered the room, and she asked if I had been before. I said I hadn't and she asked if I had ever been waxed before. I said I hadn't, so she asked me to remove my trousers, down to my boxers. Err... I wasn't wearing boxers. I had ladies shorts knickers on, but I didn't tell her that!

She asked me to lie on the table. She said it might be painful as this was my first waxing. She enquired as to what made me want to get waxed. I just said it was a long story. (I did debate whether to tell her I was a cross dresser.) She just said no problem, and that she would start putting the wax on.

The wax was warm as she rolled it on my leg. She said grit your teeth and started removing the hair. Surprisingly, it wasn't as painful as I expected. In fact, the lady mentioned that I was doing well. :-)

Soon after, she asked me if I would be keeping up with getting them waxed. I said I wasn't sure. I nervously asked her if she had many men having waxing done. She said she did, and that it didn't make any difference to her who it was. She said she did nails, and make up on guys! (I guess she might have realised I was a bit girlie!) She said she could give me a price list.

As she worked her way up my leg, she explained that I should use warm water, not hot, in the shower and not use perfumed soap, because my pores would be open. Soon I was turned over. As she worked on the back of my legs, she asked which I felt had been the most painful part. (I wonder if she's a Domme.) I found it was the top of my legs at the back.

Soon I was all done, and she got some cream for me to rub onto my legs. She asked if I was okay with lavender, I said accepted it and rubbed the cream into my smooth (if pimpled) legs. The lady then left me to put my trousers back on.

Once dressed, I went out into the salon where a lady was sat having her hair done. I paid the lady who had waxed my legs, and she gave me the price list of the other treatments. As I left, everyone said "bye". I found that the girls at the salon were very nice, and it was good to hear her say that it didn't make any difference to her who she was treating.

As I walked back to the car, my legs felt different. I could feel my jeans against my bare skin. I feel very girlie. So I now have girlie, silky, smooth legs for Mistress.

Tonight, I'm wearing my new dress. I've got my pink panties, tan tights, peach petticoat on. I'm wearing my heels, my little bag and a touch of pink lipstick.

Here are some pics.

*kisses and hugs*


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Beltane Scrunchie-Wearing Report
by My jezi darling

I decided to allow jezi to wear one of her satin scrunchie "cock rings" this year for my annual Beltane assignment, but selected the pink instead of the purple one that she suggested. She always goes for the purple first because she knows it's my favorite color, but I wanted to "mix things up" a bit, and I felt that the beautiful rose-colored roses would be perfect for the holiday! ;-)

I've also decided to show you some of the yummy pics from her report, but have edited out her (My!) package for the blog.

Mistress decided that i should celebrate Beltane this year by wearing one of our special scrunchies about Her pole. The one She selected was sissy pink, bearing three delicate roses as adornment, along with some strands of tiny bead decoration. Mistress had supplied this to me some years previously, along with several other colours, and they are all special to me, This, however, was to be the first time, since being allowed back under probation with Mistress, that i would be allowed to wear it again. Obviously, this thrilled me immensely.

i was permitted five edges over the period of time i was decorated before a Beltane release. This was all part of the assignment.

i took care to clean myself properly the night before May 1st and then decorated Your pole with our sissy pink scrunchy by encircling the balls first and then making a twist and slipping Your pole through that separately, having completed my first 'edge'! Oh my, it was snug and thrilling! This was how i went to bed.

During the night i awoke as the scrunchie appeared to be a little too tight for me and was causing discomfort. i attended to it and used the scrunchie to circle the entire package about my balls and base of the pole, like a cock ring and returned to my slumbers

Once awake, and after the house became 'safe', i performed my second edge on my knees for You, caught a few dribbles upon my finger, and licked them enthusiastically, and lovingly, from my fingertip.

It was now that i chose my panties for the day, which i decided should match my decoration, and hence chose my baby pink sissy satin panties to cover Your decorated package for the remainder of the assignment. Much to my delight, Mistress approved wholeheartedly, and said it was perfect on twitter when re-tweeting me!

My scrunchie managed to remain in place quite well during the day. My usual suffering of 'hidey balls' happened very rarely, and never enough for the scrunchie to detach fully at any moment. Also, as with the green ribbon on St Pat's assignment, the sissy pink flowered scrunchie 'presented' the package quite well! (blushing but smiling)

After lunch, i treated myself to edge number three and, although the time taken was reducing with each attempt, the runny dribbles were caught and savoured and the scrunchie remained about Your package, making me feel as one with my Mistress.

i waited till the evening before edging again and the thrill and tension and closeness was increasing with each edge. This one taking much less time to fulfil before clear dribbles could be delightfully licked from the tips of my fingers

i had been expecting to be able to savour release for my Mistress before bedtime but circumstances had prevented this. But instead i was delighted to have the opportunity to say goodnight to Mistress on Yahoo! We chatted a little and decided that my release was to take place the following morning so i had been decorated in excess of 24 hours and for the entirety of Mayday both here in the UK, and across the pond.

Feeling beyond happiness at having been able to chat with Mistress whilst Her pole was adorned, i went to bed still in my pink satin panties and wearing our sissy pink flowered scrunchie as a cockring.

The adornment remained in place all night whilst i slumbered and dreamt of my Mistress and our conversations. Upon waking, i knew my release was to be soon after over 63 days of chastity.

Once the house was safe, i prepared for my fifth, and final, edge, and ultimately, my release. i knelt, naked but for my satin panties and decoration, and lowered my panties to my thighs and began to stroke and rub Your decorated pole. It rapidly grew firm and began to show signs of knowing this was to be 'IT'! So excited, i only paused a moment after my final edge before continuing.

i repeated out mantra slowly, hesitantly, in dedicating this release to You, the High Priestess of Beltane and the May.......

Your gurl, Mistress of the May

Your cock, Mistress of the May

Your pleasure, Mistress of the May

with pauses between each word ..... however there was little time to repeat this more than twice before Your cock released its seed into my palm with such a thrill of electricty through my body that i let out a sissy squeal of excitement and delight!

i looked down at my palm and gave thanks to You for my sustained period of chastity and for the privilege You had permitted me by allowing such a wonderful period of decoration, culminating in my yummy cummy release!

Thank You, Mistress, for making Beltane so special this year for Your sissy jezi gurl!

Love always and huggles and kisses,

Your sissy jezi gurl

jezi did a great job on her Beltane task and report, and has been doing really well when she's available, but she often takes long breaks. Most are for privacy reasons, but we have also discussed that she sometimes procrastinates and might be able to find ways to better stay in touch. Seeing my subs' Daily Tweets lets me know that they are thinking of me and keeping up with their training even if they (or I) don't have the time for more. Whether I comment on them or not, they mean a lot to me, so I've decided to reward her by allowing her to select and wear a scrunchie every day that she tweets her #ChastityStatus and #DailyPanties. In that way, she can wear one to feel close to me whenever she makes the effort to be there for Me.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Beltane Scrunchie Shopping & Wearing Report
by azsilver

Not to be confused with azpanties, azsilver is my newest potential boy, who also just happens to be from the same area of Arizona. 

azsilver requested my introductory cock ring assignment, but as he already has the required rings, I decided to have him start with my Beltane assignment - even though it was April 30th! It is a fun and "twisted" version of a cock ring assignment which also incorporates intense edging training. 

It was funny to me that both of the AZ boys were out scrunchie shopping at the last minute (although azpanties shouldn't have waited so late). I wondered if they might even go to the same stores and leave the salesladies there wondering about the sudden male interest in scrunchies! ;-)


It took awhile to find scrunchies that would work. I didn't find any acceptable colors or patterns at Target or Ross, so I figured I would try Walmart. I had to ask a female employee where to find the scrunchies, which was a little embarrassing considering I'm a guy looking for a women's hair product, but I enjoyed every bit of it. When I found the right area, I took my time finding one that I thought would be acceptable, deciding on a purple one that was a part of a 3-pack. When I went to pay for them, I was turned on because I knew right where the scrunchie would be going once I was allowed to wear it. :)

I briefly considered having him wear the pretty pink, but since azsilver was doing such a great job and he isn't a sissy, I decided to allow him the privilege of wearing my favorite color: purple.

The assignment was wonderful! I wore a tight purple scrunchie for you all day. I had it twisted around my balls and one loop around my shaft, and at no point did I take it off or did it loosen.

Each time I edged while wearing the scrunchie, I focused on how you are in control of my cock. That last edge was so difficult as I stroked myself slowly to the point just before I would have erupted with cum.

When I finally did cum for you, I made sure to not let anything go to waste and swallowed everything. I was a little sad when taking off my scrunchie once the assignment is over, but I know you will have something else for me soon enough. Thank you for allowing me to participate in the Beltane assignment, Mistress.

And, of course, now he's doing a more serious cock ring assignment for me, while remaining chaste under my control. ;-)

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