Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sissy Scrunchie Shopping for Beltane (UK)
by sophie

As you may know, my Beltane Assignment includes wearing a scrunchie as a cock ring. This is sophie's first year taking part, and appropriate scrunchies are often hard to find, so I sent her shopping early. Unfortunately, I didn't post her report early, as I had intended. But here are some last minute shopping guidance for those Brits interested in participating. 


I decided to go to the large shopping centre, where there are plenty of shops. I had searched a few of the shops' websites and sent links for the flowery scrunchies that I could find to Mistress. I found that flower scrunchies are hard to find, and most of the ones in the current style had "bunny ears". Mistress liked the ones I had found, especially a pair from New Look, however they were out of stock on online.

I went to the centre and the first shop I went in was New Look. I felt very conscious as I walked into a shop that was full of ladies, doing their shopping, carrying pretty dresses, etc.

I made my way over to the accessories displays and began looking for the one Mistress liked best. Unfortunately they didn't have any, so I made my way to the next shop, Forever 21, again walking amongst all the girls.

They didn't have any scrunchies here so it was off to the next, River Island. I had seen a flower scrunchie on their website, so I was hopeful. The store sells both men and women's clothing, the men's was upstairs, but of course, I was going to the women's floor. I walked around and found the accessories, and found the flower scrunchie I had seen online. I picked it up, as all the ladies were all around me, feeling girlie as I examined it. I made my way over to the till. There was a queue, so I stood in a long queue with all the ladies. I was eventually served by a lady who smiled and put my scrunchie into a little bag.

I decided to continue looking for other scrunchies and went into Next. They didn't have any, so I went to Debenhams and again they didn't have any scrunchies.

I then went to Top Shop. Like River Island, the store was spilt with men's on one side and women's on the other. I went to the women's section and the accessories were in front of me. They didn't have any flowered ones. I looked around and could see they had some more stands, so I went to looked at those - still no flower ones, but I found a nice girlie Pink one. As Mistress had said a pink one would be nice for a girl like me, I had to buy it. I made my way to the till, holding my nice pink scrunchie A nice lady took the scrunchie and scanned it. I nervously asked if these were all the accessories, and the nice lady said it was. As she placed my pretty pink girlie scrunchie in a little bag, she smiled politely.

I went into John Lewis and asked a nice lady where I would find the scrunchies. I showed her the website and she pointed me to the children's department. I found them, however they didn't look as nice as they did on line, so I put them back.

I then had to make my way back to work. As soon as I was able I let Mistress know I had my scrunchies and sent her a picture of them. Mistress liked them and suggested that I wear the pink one over Easter.



I liked the cute pink "bunny ears" one so much that I had have her wear it, along with her CB-6000s, at Easter. As the Beltane assignment includes edging, she is now unlocked and will soon be able to see if the floral one teases her more that way. ;-)

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