Thursday, March 13, 2014

Early St. Patrick's Day Ribbon Report
by sophie

I've ordered all my boys and gurls to do my St. Patrick's Day assignment this year regardless of whether they have done it in the past. Since sophie is going on vacation, I allowed her to perform it early, so that her report might inspire others. 


For Mistress' assignment, I needed to buy some Irish-themed ribbon.

I had to think of places that sold it, as the assignment stated it had to be proper [fabric] ribbon and not from card shops etc. I remembered that Dunelm Mill sold sewing items, so I went to one of their stores.

I went over to the craft section where they sold they fabrics, and then found the ribbons. I immediately found some green ribbon. They were on plastic spools of five metres of different widths. The label on the spool said "double sided satin polyester". I wasn't sure which width to get, so I decided to get two: a 6mm and 12mm. They looked like the correct emerald green to me, but I went over and asked two sales ladies who were nearby. They agreed, so I made my way over to the till. A young lady served me, and put the ribbons into a bag.

I wondered what the three ladies thought I was going to use the ribbons for. What would they say if they knew I would be decorating my package for Mistress, to be teased all day by the pretty ribbon touching my chaste balls - my balls that were already aching?

Buying pretty ribbons was girlie, and I did see some pink ones. I imagined buying them to put in my hair or on a pretty hair band. Plus, I was also wearing my sanitary towel, like a girl, and locked in my chastity device, my penis being controlled by Mistress.

[It sounds like I need to send you back for some pretty pink ribbon. You will need to take the lock in, in hand, and hold it up to the ribbons in order to find some to match it. ;-) ~ M ]

Later, I wondered again what the ladies in the shop would have thought if they'd knew. They probably would have wanted to tease and humiliate the sissy, taking me into the back room to take my trousers down, to spank my bottom and then make me demonstrate how I change my sanitary towel. They would have asked how long I had been kept in chastity for, agreeing that sissies shouldn't be allowed to cum unless it pleases their Mistress or lady, even if it meant going for months without release. Then they tied the ribbon around my package, giggling, and saying that a sissy should learn to present her package looking nice and girlie for her Mistress/lady. After they had their fun, I was told to pull my trousers back up and head back to work, while the ribbon tickled and teased my aching balls.

After approving my ribbon, Mistress instructed me to wear it around my package for a full day. I was allowed out of my chastity device while I was at work so that I could better feel the ribbon teasing me.

I woke up in the morning and cut a length of 12mm ribbon off the spool, and wrapped it behind my balls, first taking it around underneath and tying it, and then creating a nice pretty bow at the top. It felt girlie tying my bow and submissive decorating it to present to Mistress, reminding me that my package belongs to Her.

I looked down at Mistress' package to see it decorated in the pretty bow, the ends of the ribbon teasingly dangling down by the chaste balls, while the loops of the bow teased the top of the penis. I began to get a little hard. This was just after I had unlocked. How would I manage the rest of the day at work?

I got dressed and left for work, with the green ribbon wrapped around the package. As I walked, I imagined the ends of the ribbon tickling my tackle and the nice bow looking pretty and feminine, for Mistress.

Every time I had to go to the toilet, I looked down at the ribbon, reminding me of Mistress, and how I am her sissy girl.

When I arrived back home, Mistress had instructed me to lock back in my chastity device, and wrap another ribbon around the lock. I did this and now I had two pretty ribbons to tease my balls. I spent all evening thinking of the bows that were decorating my cage, decorated just how Mistress wanted them, because after all they belong to her.

When I went to bed, I slept without anything on, so that ends of the ribbon could move more freely than they would under my clothes. I could feel them touching my balls when ever I turned over in the night.

I woke up in the morning with my penis pressing against the cage, and when I looked I saw the ribbon and bows. I will keep my bows on today for Mistress.

As I took some pics for Mistress of her decorated package in it's cage, I felt very submissive, knowing that she will see it all locked up, with the pink lock and pretty green ribbon bows giving it a nice feminine look.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shopping for Maxi Pads/Sanitary Towels
by My sophie

sophie is going through her longest period (no pun intended) of chastity to date, and it's been a real test for her. She has been doing well, but recently had a slip. Like a good girl, she reported it for punishment... and no, she didn't cum. However, she was self-pleasuring without permission.

We were discussing embarrassing items that she could purchase as part of her punishment when she suggested shopping for sanitary napkins, or "towels" as they are called in the UK. I loved the idea! It's an area that can be very confusing and embarrassing (even for biological women), making it both a good punishment and an educational opportunity in furthering her sissy training.   

I saw some pretty sales girls while shopping, and caught myself looking at their assets. Later, in bed that night, I started thinking of them and touching myself, like a naughty girl, without Mistress' permission.

Since I was enjoying looking at sales girls in naughty ways again, Mistress felt that it would be an appropriate punishment for me to buy something girlie and feminine so that I could feel all the sales girls looking at me, as I imagined them laughing and talking about me later. We discussed sanitary towels and Mistress thought that was an ideal thing for me to buy.

Mistress told me about the ones she uses in the US, Kotex Natural Balance Ultra Thin Pads with Wings, and ordered me to find similar ones that were available in the UK. I looked online and found there was a lot of different ones: Some had wings, some were scented, there were ultra thin or thick. I had also had a quick look in a shop and was quickly confused.

Mistress went over the key attributes in hers so that I could select an appropriate replacement. I was to get some 1) ultra thin ones that 2) had wings, 3) were unscented, and 4) preferably had a soft/natural cotton upper layer for sensitive skin.

I decided to look online the night before I went shopping and found some from Boots, that were a good match:
Boots: Cottons Ultra Thin Pads with Wings

I also found a video on you tube that explained how to put them on, which I found useful:

[I also liked the fact that the video explained and agreed with some of My key points, including why buying pads with wings and unscented ones are important.  ~ M ]

The next day, I was unable to get to a Boots store, so I went to a nearby super market, Asda, on my way to work. Thankfully, it wasn't busy when I arrived at the store. I nervously made my way over to the where the towels and tampons were, and found there were lots of different ones.

I moved up and down the section seeing if I could find suitable ones. I found some Asda ones that looked promising, picked up the packet and began studying the label. They said ultra thin, had wings and were unscented. They weren't cotton, but said "cotton soft feeling". As I was stood there scrutinising a packet of ladies' sanitary towels, a young lady walked by. I looked up, as I was nervous. She looked at me, and I was so embarrassed that I quickly took them over to the till.

As it was still early, there was only one till open and no queue. As I got there, a lady came and waited behind me, My packet was sitting on the conveyor belt; the only item I was buying. The sales girl scanned my pads, put them in a bag and took the money. I could see it said "femcare £1.80" on the till's display. I looked down at my feet. I was so relieved to leave the store, that I failed to notice something.

I started to walk back through the shopping centre with my bag, to the car. There were a few people about, on their way to work, some opening their shops. As I got to the car park, I realised that Asda carrier bags are transparent! I had walked past people with my packet of ladies' sanitary towels in a see-through bag. As they were the only item in the bag, people would know that I had gone especially to buy them! I felt so embarrassed and sissy. I put the pads in the car and headed to work.

[I have the feeling that many husbands walked past with knowing smiles, enjoying the thought that they weren't the only ones who had been subjected to such an emergency errand. Little did they know!]

So I now know a little about ladies' sanitary towels. I felt girlie learning about them, as all girls learn about them and work out which are best for them. Whilst I found learning about them girlie, I am squeamish about anything medical, and perhaps the only two things that make me glad I'm not a real girl are periods and giving birth. [:-)]

I reviewed her report, and ordered her to wear one today. I allowed her to unlock, as long as she behaved herself, so that she could see if the pad did indeed feel nicely "cotton soft". ;-)


Mistress, I am wearing the panties that you sent me, and my sanitary towel as you instructed. I opened the packet and looked in side to find small yellow individual packets. I took one out and carefully opened it. They're a bit noisy. I took it out and, as per the youtube video, placed it inside my panties and stuck it down. I then unfastened the wings and bent then under the crouch of the panties and made sure they had stuck.

I felt so girlie doing it, just like a lady would have to do. I wasn't sure if I had positioned it correctly, or if they are too small, as the parts at the end which bend is further up at the front just touching the base of my penis, I'm not sure if the back is supposed to bend around my bum.

[I think they are positioned close to correctly for a woman, but had her try moving them more forward a bit for her. I usually have the opposite problem! LOL!]

It feels a little strange - a bit like wearing padded cycling shorts, but the towels are thinner. My panties feel full and snugger. I do feel girlie wearing it and telling people that you have told me I need to wear my sanitary towel.




And, yes, now she is sleeping in another one. ;-)

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