Friday, February 14, 2014

Shopping for Valentine's Panties While Locked In Chastity
by sophie

It's Valentine's Day, and I hope you haven't waited until the last minute to get your Valentine's Panties. Don't forget: I need to approve them first! 

Below is the last of the shopping reports from my sissy gurls. Since sophie likes to look at sales girls, I thought it especially appropriate to send her lingerie shopping while wearing her new CB-6000s:

Mistress had instructed me to do my Valentine's Panties Recon while wearing my chastity device. I went to the shopping centre during my lunch break.

The first store was Marks and Spencer. I didn't really see anything that was particularly Valentines-inspired.

La Sensa
Although the lady was very nice, as I entered the store, asking me if I was looking for anything, I didn't see anything that I liked.

Anne Summers
I saw a few items here, and had the most things I liked. Again one of the ladies asked if I needed any help and to ask if there was anything I couldn't find things in the right size or colour.

I like the skirting on these Queenie Red/Black Knickers, which were available in Thongs (shown at left): /p/queenie-red/black-thong/01btthas1216097

Briefs: /p/queenie-red/black-brief/01btbfas1217097

or Brazilian cut (shown at right): /p/queenie-red/black-brazilian/01btrzas1007097

These reminded me of my rhumba panties, but these are crotchless: /p/tease-crotchless-red-short/18shchas1007044

I think these two Knickerbox Cassie Knickers looked better in the shop then they do on the site. They're like candy i.e. telling her she is sweet and you just want to lick her! I liked the bra too, it completes the look.

Thong (shown above right): /p/knickerbox-cassie-pink-stripe-thong/01btthkb1237118

Briefs: /p/knickerbox-cassie-pink-stripe-brief/01btbfkb1136118

Bra: /p/knickerbox-cassie-pink-stripe-balconette-bra/01brbokb1121118

[I can see why sophie found them good enough to eat! However, while yummy, I didn't find them particularly Valentines-y. Likewise, for the Frou Frou Collection, which reminded sophie of her Cocquette Set: ]

Boux Avenue
Again, as I entered the shop, the lady asked if I needed any help. She pointed me to an offer saying, "you get a free pair of knickers when you buy any of the bras over on the side there" but I thought they were all a bit boring for Valentines.

Although, I was busy trying to concentrate on my assignment and feeling a little rushed, shopping whilst wearing my chastity device was interesting. Not being able to get hard made me feel girlie, being amoungst all the ladies and the pretty lingerie.

When, like jezi, sophie had problems finding appropriate knickers in some of the usual UK lingerie stores, I decided to have a look online but it was a while before I had a chance to do so. 

I found these lovely Limited Collection Silk Brazilian Knickers with Lace at Marks and Spencer (scroll down on the page for the panties):
http://www.marksandspencer. com/Limited-Collection-Push-up-Balcony-Padded/dp/B001VIT9PC

I know sophie likes silk so I asked her about these. She didn't remember seeing them while shopping so I sent her back to check whether they were available in the store and to either purchase or order a pair. Of course, she was locked in chastity for this trip as well. :-)

After discussing with Mistress, we decided I should buy a pair of red silk and black lace panties from Marks and Spencer. As I hadn't seen them when doing my recon, Mistress agreed that I should go to the store in person and see if they had them in. If not I could ask one of the sales girls to order them in for me. That would be very embarrassing, but as a girl I should get used to talking to ladies about women's clothes.

I went to the store on my lunch hour. As I entered the store, I loaded up the link to the panties on my phone so I could make sure I got the right ones.

The ladies lingerie department was on the third floor, so I made my way up the escalators. As I came off on to the third floor, right in front of me was a poster for the set! I went over and found the panties, they looked a little different, so I picked a pair up and checked the product code against the website and they were the same. There were only a few pairs on the rail, size 14, 12 and 8. Oh no, I am a size 10. I was now going to have to ask the ladies if they could order them!

I decided to have a look round to see if they had anything similar. They had some nice ones, but not for Valentines. As I turned I saw some more so I went over to check. They were the correct ones and found a size 10!

I picked them off the rail and held them up, feeling the silk and the black lace trim. As I turned them over to look at the back, there were a few lady customers walking by. I'm not sure what they thought seeing me holding them up!

I made my way over to the tills. When I got there, there were already two ladies being served. After a few moments, which felt longer standing there holding my panties, it was my turn. The lady put them in a bag, and I made my way back to work.

I quickly tried them on and they fit, although the chastity device creates a bit of a bulge at the front. I took a pick of my red panties, tattoo and painted toes.

I let sophie out of her chastity so that she could get a pic with a smoother front, and she is now wearing her nice new knickers for Valentine's Day, enjoying how good the silk feels against My unlocked, but still chaste, property. I think they look beautiful!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Australian Valentine Panties Recon
by taylah

Next, taylah maid went knicker shopping in Australia. I forget that they have Target there, but the selection is completely different from what they offer in the States. 

The first store I went into was Target. On entering, I was handed an advert telling me they had specials today on Bonds underwear and toys. I told the lady thank you very much, but she should save her flyer for the next person.

They did have a section of 50 Shades of Grey-branded lingerie, but I wanted to stay away from much of it because of how terribly written that book is. Annoyingly, they did have one pair I quite liked, with a sheer mesh back and a lacy front, with a deep red section behind the lace across the very front. It cost $20.

[Actually, I like these a lot as well, although I should be the one with the key! ~M]

The only pair that I really liked was a pink cotton pair, printed with red and white patterns of flowers, hearts, and little banners that read “xoxo” across them. They also had a tiny red bow on the front at the top. They were $10. love-printed-briefs-pink/54622326

After this, I wanted to go into an actual lingerie store, so I went into Bras 'n' Things. In the shop window, I saw a matching bra and panties set, which were red with a black lace section across the front. I went in (quite nervously) and began to look for the same pair from the window.

A shop assistant came over, clearly sensing someone out of their depth, and asked if she could help me. I told her yes, and said I was looking for the red outfit in the window. She told me yes, and took me over to the area where they were. She then asked “do you know her size?” I replied nervously “yes, um, size... 14 or 16, I think?”. I think at that moment she knew it was for me and not for some girlfriend, because she kind of smirked, but after that she happily played along. I think I went bright red like the panties!

As I looked at it, I found that the back of the pair of panties (and the bra) were black, and were a little bit see-through, though they weren't sheer, and they also had a small red bow on the front. They were marked $26.99.

I told her I was okay now, and thanked her for her help. Before she walked off, she told me that if I needed any help, I should come and talk to her.

I didn't find many other items I liked, except I found rumba panties! These were marked $29.99, but they were “Valentine's Day red” with little red half-sequin, half-glitter bits, and now that I've felt them in real life, I totally understand the appeal! (I couldn't find them on the website to get an image for You, but they were beautiful.)

[It's too bad that they weren't in budget right now because I would have loved to see them on you. I'd like you keep an eye on their store & website for sales and clearance items as they seem to have some very, but expensive, nice stuff.]

To the next part of my assignment. I will be mailing you a physical Valentine's Day card, which I hope to arrive by the time Valentine's Day comes around.

I also need You to approve of the pair of panties I will be wearing for 24 hours on Valentine's Day. I thought I would wear my “special event” panties? This is the pair with the little lace panel at the front, with the little pink flowers embroidered on. If not that pair, the other option is the sheer pink pair of panties with the frills at the bottom.

I thought another way I might be able to add to this assignment, since I can't complete all of it, might be to wear the panties for a period You specify longer than the 24 hours originally set in the assignment?

[I've decided to have taylah wear her sheer pink panties on Valentine's Day (her time) and the Special Event Panties the next day, most of which will be Valentine's Day in my time zone.]

Your taylah maid

Early UK Valentine's Panties Recon
by My jezi

jezi was the first one to do her Valentine's Panties Recon. In mid-January, she wasn't finding much, but I think she might have been being too strict in her definition, as I found these heart-print red and pink ones acceptable.

Attached is a pic of the only 'almost' valentines panties i have been able to find thus far. This was taken at ASDA (owned by Walmart) and they have a number of thong styles on the top rack in red and pink and black. Some have two pairs on the hanger! The pink and black as tiny black hearts on and the red also has tiny hearts as well.

The pair with ribbon ties at the hip on row 2 has the phrase 'Here Come the Girls' on the front!
[Those are not acceptable for Valentine's, but are perfect for a sissy like jezi!  ~M]

i have physically visited Marks and Spencer, Debenhams, ASDA, Tesco, La Senza, Boux Avenue and Ann Summers as well as checking their sites online too. None have any valentine's panties in yet, at least not within 20 miles of me!

Perhaps they are all still clearing their Xmas stock and sale items, and maybe will put up their Valentines displays next week to give them 3 weeks before the day!

i appreciate i may already have my Valentine's knickers with the huge bow on [purchased from Ann Summers around Xmas] but perhaps Mistress would approve of something from the ASDA wall? If not for Valentine's, maybe just to tease Your girl with, giggle, since they are reasonably priced at 3 for £6 or £2.50 each. Handy for any UK sissy at least!

[Did have jezi go ahead and buy the pink and red pairs, and am having her wear them on and around Valentine's for me. I especially like the pink-trimmed black ones with the heart design. Pics below.]

They go up to a size 20 in some of the designs, but may only have one of that size on the rack along with one 18 from what i saw. Lots of 10's and 12's.

i hope the report is useful as an update and feel free to share the info with any of Your uk girls.

Much love and kisses and hugs,

Your sissy, jezi

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

24 Hours Locked in Chastity
by sophie

As some of you know, my sissy, sophie, just got her first real chastity device, a CB-6000s (shown at right with sophie's own pink lock and keys). 

I had her get it from Lovehoney because they have such a great return policy - and well, CB-X000's, while being a great starter device in as far as having lots of options for sizing, etc., are also known to crack/break.

Male Chastity Devices and Parts / CB-6000 and CB-6000s
Lovehoney US:
Chastity Cages and Parts
Lovehoney UK:
Chastity Cages and Parts
CB-6000, CB-6000s and Parts

I had her start out with a few hours, then all evening, then all day. The below is her report from the first time the she wore it for 24 hours straight, including her first night sleeping in it. I planned it for a weekend so that she could sleep in/nap if needed, after she took it off.


Mistress, as you instructed, I wore the device for 24 hours.

I clicked the lock shut at 7am Friday morning. Knowing I was going to be locked in it for 24 hours, I made sure it was comfortable as possible.

I went to work, and got through the day with only a slight pinching. Wearing the device all day means I have to sit to pee. I try to do this as much as I can, however, when wearing the device, you don't really have any other choice but to sit. That adds an extra feeling of being controlled by Mistress: it makes me feel that she is feminising me, saying, "I'm going to make you wear this device to make sure you have to sit like a girl".

The evening passed without too much. I had little throbs when Alex Jones was on the telly. Although sadly. or should that be thankfully, she wasn't wearing anything too sexy last night. Here is the kind of thing she sometimes wears:

I'm sure it must have been Chris's idea to shake their hands up and down in this video:

Eventually it was time for bed, this would be the first time I had slept wearing the device. I was a little nervous: obviously I get erections in the night and often wake up hard in the morning.

At first it felt awkward lying on my side with the device between my legs, but I soon got used to it and drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly my balls felt like they were on fire! That woke me up, my balls were swollen and tight, my penis filled the cage. I tried to think of something unsexy! It took what felt like an age to get rid of it. I looked at the clock it was about 4:30am. I eventually went back to sleep.

I took it off at 7:30 am. Once I'd taken it off, I could see an impression of the vents on my foreskin from where it had been pushing and straining against the cage.

Later, I washed it and put it away, until Mistress tells me to lock it up again.


She wore it during the day again on Sunday, tweaking the spacers. After she finished her time-delayed MMSuperBowl edges and spanks on Monday, I gave her a release and another night out of the device before having her lock back up. She's been locked since and is currently spending her second night in a row in the device. I haven't decided yet when I'm letting her out, especially since she owes me 35 days of chastity after the game! ;-) 

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