Sunday, January 26, 2014

SPH Punishment & Release
by My jezi

I knew my jezi-darling would likely be offline for weeks during the holidays, as she always is, so I asked her to do my Holly-Day Assignment early. She's been my sissy for years and knows that I expect her to go shopping and submit her report as early as possible in order to help provide guidance for the newbies who may be doing my assignments. I shouldn't have to remind her, but I did to make sure that she was on task. She told me when she could do it, but then something came up, and the date just got later and later. Eventually, it was past Winter Solstice (My personal holiday) and almost Christmas. She was headed out of town with family and still had not done her shopping report or purchased her items!

This was not the first time this had happened. I've let her get by with too much in the past and have made it clear that I will be putting my foot down now. I decided that she needed a serious punishment - one that she wouldn't forget. 

First, I thought about having her order a realistic dildo like the one that I've had other subs buy to practice their cock sucking!

Then I remembered her teeny peenie, and some online role play that we had done involving this penis sheath/extension from Oxballs. (Pic at left edited from I decided that it would be far more useful to have her buy it due to the SPH (small penis humiliation) possibilities, as well as everything I had already contemplated with the dildo. ;-) And, yes, those punishments are still on the table. Unlike some sissies, she dreads the idea of cock sucking, so hopefully that will act as a deterrent in regard to future procrastination!

The time had cum for me to perform my Small Penis Humiliation punishment task for my delays and failures with Your Yule assignment and my lengthy absences over the Christmas Holiday period.

You, in Your wisdom had me purchase an extension sheath from UberKinky to show me just how teeny Your package is.

This was an extension [pun intended? ~M] of a yummy naughty scenario we had on IM whilst i was parked up alone before Christmas...... [*yummy memories*]

i prepared the 'thingy', as i have been calling it, and stripped so i was naked, nervously fingering the flexible, blue sheath.

i had been told to stroke and play with myself till i was hard and to show Mistress just how inadequate my size was by measuring myself against a ruler and then against the extension sheath!

As You can see from the images [which I've edited for the blog], Your package at its firmest is barely 3.5 inches long and pales into near invisibility when measured up against the shiny clear ice blue sheath!

As humiliating and upsetting as it was to show how small and sissy i am to You there was a tingle of excitement too which i found unexpectedly pleasing. i do hope that i was not wrong to feel so.... *blushes*

Having declared my sissiness to You by size in images, i was then to fit the 'thingy' to myself and show off my new found length!

This was an interesting and more exciting task than i had anticipated for i always approach new things with more trepidation than delight, and the thought of 'attaching' such a thing to myself did unnerve me.

The stretchiness and flexibility of the entrance and securing holes made my task much less daunting than i had expected. i am still not sure if it is best to secure balls first before attaching it over ones penis, or vice versa. i did experiment both ways without noticing a significant difference. i suspect i found that securing the penis first was marginally easier and more comfortable. [Yes, I would think that you would insert the penis into the shaft and then finish dropping the balls through the opening in the bottom before adjusting it tighter on the penis.]

To secure the device best one needs to squeeze the end to remove as much air as possible before slipping it over one's penis. this acts like a massive suction cup, holding your smallness tight inside the sheath as you squeeze your balls into the securing hole.

Here is Your package 'dressed' and prepared to please!

This was a unique experience and feeling, but one i feel sure will be repeated given Mistress and her wicked way of playing and teasing me out of myself, which, She knows, i love dearly, as i do Her. *blushes*

i was now to tease and play with myself whilst encased in the 'thingy' and only allowed to cum if it was whilst wearing the sheath!

i must admit that it almost caught me by surprise how quickly my new blue shiny 'cock' managed to cum! Barely was i on my knees in respect for Mistress, than i felt myself rapidly approaching the point of no return! i had just started to give the 'blueness' a squeeze, and the vacuum effect of the sheath upon my smallness worked quickly to sort of draw me out of myself. i was filled with a rush of excitement and thrill as within less than a minute my sissy cummie juices were inside the sheath!

My body tingling with the thrill and intensity of such a rapid release, i paused to utter our mantra, my devotion to You, my Mistress, giving thanks for the honour and pleasure You had bestowed on me with this new experience, pausing between each word to worship You and our being together:

Your gurl, Mistress.

Your cock, Mistress.

Your pleasure, Mistress.

At this point, i eased the device from Your package to show the creamy deposit i had made in Your honour.

Tipping the sheath up, i allowed the contents to run down its shaft and dribble into my waiting parted sissy lips, thanking You as i savoured the delights of my sissiness. *blushes*

The punishment complete, i washed the extension sheath inside and out, and put it away in a safe place.

Thank You, Mistress, for allowing me such a thrill and pleasure. It was intense and awesome, unexpectedly so as You know how fearful i can be of 'new' things.

i only have one negative observation from my experience and that is that the ball holding section does have cause to not remain in place fully. i suspect this is a personal thing due to my balls liking to 'retreat' within me when cornered as though they do not exist. i thought on this last night and perhaps fitting one of our cock rings first to make my balls more 'proud' would help this in the future, if it were not too painful! [I think you should give that a try next time. A ball stretcher might also be useful!] But, for a first time, i can find little cause not to give the whole experience, and humiliation of myself for You, a huge thumbs up! [;-)]

i hope that the report is satisfactory and makes You feel a little yummy. Performing and recounting this to You certainly was yummy for me! *blushes*

Much love and kisses,

Your sissy jezi, now SPH'd, blushing


Some of my readers have asked how much jezi could feel through the sheath. I was wondering the same which is why I had told her that she could only cum if she came while wearing it. I responded to jezi with the below after I received her report:

"I was wondering how the sensation would be through the sheath. So you can still feel a lot? Or was it mostly the suction from being inside the sheath that you felt? Want to try it again then? *very evil grin*"

She responded:


The feeling of suction was unique for me, and i think with the squeezing of my hand, it just 'took me away'!  *blushes*

It didn't give me the chance to see if the act of merely stroking the sheath would be felt or not really. Apologies for that, but i am only a learning sissy. *blushes*

Of course i would wear it again for You, Mistress, and i am happy for You to share my thoughts and feelings if they may assist others.

Just writing back to You reminds me of the all too brief but thrilling moments, and i did enjoy reporting my 'size', and lack thereof, to You as well.

Kisses and love,

Your loving, adoring sissy, jezi


UPDATE #2: You can now read jezi's review of the Sheath at the Uberkinky site. I had her wait to write it until after she had worn it a second time, including quite a bit of testing (edging) time. ;-) 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

My First Day in Chastity
by dan

When dan told me that he had this gorgeous Jail Bird from Mature Metal and yet had never been locked for more than hours, and had never made it overnight, I knew something had to be done! Starting at $320, this is a device that needs to be worn! So I ordered him to do so -  for a full 24 hours. His report is below, followed by a very simple task for you!

This was the first time that I have ever spent 24 hours wearing a chastity device, and it was also the first time I managed to sleep locked up. Even though I have decided that wearing a chastity device is not for me, I'm very glad that I managed to at least last one measly day, so thank you for your encouragement as I probably would never have done it without you.

I put the device on just before I left for work, which made the start of the day a little more exciting than usual. I have worn it there previously, but I've always taken the key with me before. Yesterday, I decided not to - there was no point given that I wasn't taking it off until this morning - which made it a much more thrilling experience.

There was very little pain during the day because I was preoccupied with work, but I always knew the device was there. I could occasionally feel it pressing against my trousers, which made me concerned others would notice it. I'm 99% sure nobody saw the bulge, but I think you become a little paranoid in public. (That would obviously fade with time).

Come nightfall, when I had free time, it started to get more painful. I spent a lot of last night online, working on various things with my blog, and talking to you. Blue balls, caused by what felt like constant arousal, became increasingly painful, but they was manageable as long as I wasn't running around. I don't normally get painful from orgasm denial this quickly, so either the chastity device was speeding up the process, or talking to you was. I'll find out the answer over the coming days ;).

Sleeping was an interesting experience. The only comfortable position was lying on my back, which is not natural for me, thus making falling asleep difficult. I fell asleep eventually, but I would quickly be awakened by painful erections. It's cruel to make a man so horny, then attach a device to him making erections painful ;). That was the story of my night: short stints of sleep followed by rapid bouts of agonising pain, but at least I made it through the night!

I removed the device at 9am, when I woke up. Unfortunately I still had my blue balls! :( Normally the pain subsides with sleep, but it hadn't last night. I took a shower and then went out for the day. The pain has slowly disappeared throughout the day, however it will probably come rushing back if we get chatting again tonight :D.



Since then, this silly boy has locked himself up again, but has decided he would prefer to monitor his own chastity, or leave it up to chance, than be monitored by someone else. Obviously, he doesn't appreciate the power of an experienced Domme! I think he needs to be punished! Don't you?  ;-)

If he's still locked when you read this, Click "Add 1 Hour" here:

"Sub" is NOT the one you want this time! ;-) 
(This boy isn't a sub anyway. He's just a pseudo-sub who wants attention.)

FYI: You'll only get a confirmation if it works, and then it is only one small line above the other text, so pay attention!

Then bookmark that page and come back and add another hour every day. You can even do it once per day from every internet-capable device you own! If enough people click, we can keep him locked up indefinitely!

And, if you are concerned that I'm being too harsh... 

No, I didn't accept - not for just a session and without tribute. You can't have your cake and eat it too!

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