Monday, December 23, 2013

Yule Girlie Cummie Report
by sophie

I'm a bit late in posting sophie's report, so I've backed dated it to where it should be. I wasn't expecting her to rub against a box lid, but it actually worked out very well in regard to giving her a surface from which she could easily lick up her cum. I may have to order some of my other subs to do that soon! ;-)


Mistress had allowed me to have a cummie after completing my Holly-Days tasks.

I was to have a cummie while wearing my Christmas panties (right), with the front tucked down under my balls. It had been a while since my penis had actually directly come into contact with something, as my previous cummies were through my panties.

I thought about what I could rub against and finally decided to try the lid of a leather-textured storage box with a slightly padded top. I put it on top of the bed, and undressed, tucking the front of my panties under my balls. The ruffle felt tight underneath them as the panties pushed my balls slightly forward.

I placed a pillow on the lid where my stomach was, and climbed on top. The lid was wider than I had expected and I had to open my legs wide. I lay on top and started to rub. It was a bit difficult so maneuvered myself into more of a squatting position. I varied between hard and light, slow and fast rubs. Lifting myself up and then down, I could feel my penis twitching as I came down and pressed along the lid.

I started thinking about the Holly-Day fantasy that I had just written for my Mistress, and about the chastity device I had seen. (Why think of a chastity device during a release?) I imagined that Mistress had sent me to one of the stores to buy one: the thought of having to speak to the sales ladies, the humiliation of telling them my "My Mistress wants to get a chastity device for me", the smile on the sales ladies' faces.

I imagined that Mistress had given me a list of questions to ask (of course Mistress already knows, but wanted to make me squirm and add to my humiliation by having to ask the ladies in the shop):

"How does it work?"
The lady explained that the size and shape of the device might help deter me from getting an erection, but either way, the device would certainly keep me from being able to do anything about it!

"Is there a limit to how long can she keep me locked up?"
It depends on how long your Mistress thinks you need locking up for!

"How do I go to the loo?" 
The lady showed me the opening at the end of the device where my pee would come out.

The sales lady could hardly hide her delight as she gave me the box to take over to the till, where I then embarrassingly had to hand it over to another lady to pay.

As I thought of this, I felt myself cumming. I gasped and thanked Mistress. I continued to run my penis along the lid, until I had finished ejaculating. Then I moved back down the board, and with my tongue, I began to lick some of my cum. It felt warm on my tongue. As I licked it up, I could taste it's salty tang. I licked up as much as I could for Mistress, before I had to stop. Then I took some tissue and wiped the rest up. I pulled the front of my panties up and climbed into bed, satisfied, where I cuddled snugly and drifted off to sleep.




After reading the above, I'm sure you understand why a CB-6000s (shown at right) is likely in her future! 

Lovehoney UK link 
Lovehoney US link 
Stockroom Link

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sissy Holly-Day Shopping Fantasy
by sophie

As many of you know, most of my owned subs already have Christmas panties or Santa's Helper outfits from doing my Holly-Days assignment in previous years so I've been allowing some pre-approved adaptations this year

For instance, my azpanties participated in the #poppyjjingleballs task under my supervision, as well as taking me some new pics of him in just his 2011 Candy Candy Striped Holly-Day Panties & Stockings (shown at left). 

Follow this link for the explicit version of his sexy #poppyjjingleballs entry, which I've titled "Tied Up in Lights"!

Last year, My sophie bought some really sissy Holiday Panties from Anne Summers, but wasn't able to send me any good pics. Since she didn't have a lot of privacy or time to go shopping alone this year, her assignment was to: 

1) take some good pics of her 2012 Holiday Panties (the ruffled, lacy red & white ones shown here*) for me and 

2) write a fantasy about shopping for her Holly-Day Outfit, which I adapted for her from Level Two of my assignment, while she was wearing her Holiday Panties. 

Since she did such a great job, I allowed to have her release in them, after wearing them for at least 24 hours, as she helped me celebrate Yule/Winter Solstice today. If you're lucky, that report will be next! ;-) 

* In case you're wondering, the butterfly is a temporary tattoo, from one of the holiday presents that I gave her this year. (If you think a "real Domme" doesn't occasionally give her best subs little presents, then you don't know a real Domme.)

Below is sophie's Holly-Day Shopping Fantasy. Enjoy! 

[NOTE: All shopping reports in this blog are real reports from the subs involved, unless, like this one, they are titled/labeled as erotica or a fantasy.]


Here is my fantasy, I hope you enjoy it.

I nervously approached the Ann Summers store, filled with the exciting anticipation of wearing my new sexy Christmas things. I was to purchase the sexy Red Gift Wrap Thong and an All Wrapped Up Dress, with their big feminine bows, in order to present myself as a gift to you:

I went in through the door and started to look round for them, the shop was busy with ladies buying their sexy lingerie and toys.

I made my way down stairs and found the thongs. I found one in my size and took it off the rail. Nervously handling it, the big red bow at the back, I started to imagine myself wearing it, my smooth recently waxed legs, red polish on my fingers and toes, red lipstick, all made up perfect.

I became a little hard and was about to start searching for the dress when a voice from behind me asked if I needed any help. It was one of the sales girls. I said I didn't and started walking over to where the dresses were, but the sales girl seemed to follow me. This made me more nervous. I turned and we exchanged smiles and noticed her name tag said Jenny. I turned back to the dresses hoping Jenny would go and help another customer.

I found the dress, picked off the one that was my size and started looking at it, turning it around to see the back and then back to the front. Touching the big bow, my mind started working, going back again to being made up pretty and wearing my dress.

Just then my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Jenny's voice asking if I was sure I didn't need any help. I was again about to assure her I didn't when she said something I hadn't expected, "You need to try those on, to make sure they fit you, Sophie."

I stood there in silence for a moment, not quite believing what I had just heard. "Sorry, I didn't quite catch that," I stammered.

"I was saying that you need to try those on Sophie, to make sure they fit you. You are Sophie, aren't you?"

I must have turned the same colour red as the dress I was holding.

"Yes, you're Sophie, I can always tell a sissy, and besides those are meant to be a surprise for the lady's partner. What surprise would they be if you're buying them...unless they are for yourself!"

She continued, "Don't worry, we had phone call from your Mistress this morning. She told us all about you and said to have lots of fun with you." She started giggling which attracted the attention of the other customers and another sales girl, who came over, "Oh, Sarah, this is Sophie, you know the sissy who is going to entertain us today!"

"Hi, Sophie! Oh my, look at those pretty things you have. You'll look so sexy in those. Now you must go and put them on. Go on, put the thong on, on its own first." Sarah commanded in a gentle, but at the same time forceful, way - the way that a sissy just has to obey.

I think I was still red with embarrassment. I made my way into the changing cubicle, surrounded by ladies waiting to try their items - what was I doing! All these people would see me. I was in a shop about to put on a sexy ladies thong! But Sarah had commanded me to put it on - I had to obey her. They had spoken to Mistress - I didn't want them to tell Her I had been disobedient. I had no choice but to take my men's clothes off and slip into the thong!

I immediately felt all feminine. I could feel the bow against the bare cheeks of my bottom. As I looked in the mirror admiring myself, I heard Jenny's voice telling me to hurry up and inquiring if I had put the thong on yet.

I had nervously replied that I had when the door of the changing cubical flung open. Jenny and Sarah stood, arms folded, looking me up and down, inspecting me. Sarah moved over to me and spun me around so my back was facing them, then reached down and straightened the bow. It tickled my bottom as she tweaked it, "That will do fine. Come on Sophie, lets go for a walk around the store."

"What? Walk around the store, people will see." I tried to pull back further into the cubical, but it was no use.

Sarah anticipated my move and had already grabbed my arm. Jenny was now behind me, and they ejected me from the cubical. "Now, come on be a good gurl," Jenny ordered. "You don't want to be punished in front of all these ladies do you? I like punishing gurls, you know, and what will your Mistress say when we tell her that you had to be punished? I imagine she'll punish you as well."

By now, I was in the middle of the shop floor and everyone was looking at me. I just stared at my feet, waiting for the ground to swallow me.

Jenny must have noticed I was staring at my feet. Working her eyes down my legs, she commented how nice they looked and hairless too, and asked if they had been waxed.

I confirmed that Mistress had sent me for waxing at the salon, like a girl.

She then noticed my toe nails weren't painted, "Oh no, look Sarah, she hasn't done her nails! We can't have our pretty model not have pretty toes and fingers. Let me see now, I have some red polish in my handbag. It's in the backroom. Sophie, go and fetch my handbag for me. It's over the other side of the shop, ask Alice for it."

I turned and sloped off across the floor when "No! No, that won't do! A gurl does not slope about; she walks like a lady." The next thing there was a swish and a slap as a paddle slapped my bare bottom!

"Ouch!" I cried then repeated, as another swish and slap as the paddle slapped my other bare cheek.

I started walking as best I could, my bottom tingling where the paddle had landed on it.

I went into the backroom where a lady was sat reading the newspaper. I politely asked if she was Alice. She looked up with a bit of a shock, seeing me stood there wearing only my thong. "Jenny has sent me to fetch her handbag so she can put her make up on me," I explained.

Alice got up and handed me a nice pink handbag. I had to hold it by two short handles, which meant I had to hold it close to me. The bag looked very pretty, with a pattern on one side. She told me she'd heard all about me and said to make sure I had the pattern side of the bag facing out, like a proper girl.

I took the bag and walked back out into the shop, nervously walking like a lady as best I could. I looked for Jenny. Sarah then told me she had gone upstairs and that I was to go up to her. I made my way upstairs to Jenny, past all the ladies who started giggling at the man walking by in a sexy ladies' thong, carrying a handbag.

I found Jenny, went over to her and handed her her bag to which she said, "No, not here. We'll put your make up on down in the backroom where we can do it properly."

"But I've just brought you handbag up from there," I said.

"I know," she replied with a giggle, "I just thought you needed to practice holding a handbag. Come on you get to carry it back down now as well".

I followed her back down into the backroom where I was instructed to sit and given instructions to look up, look down, pout my lips, press my lips together, turn to the side, put my fingers on the table, put my feet on the chair, as Jenny brushed and painted my face, lips and nails.

Then, from nowhere, she produced a blonde wig and placed it on my head. "There you go - all feminine and girlie now, aren't you?" She took me over to a mirror and told me that I was pretty before taking me out to show me off to Sarah and all the other ladies.

After what has seemed like ages walking around the store in my thong, having all the ladies commenting, laughing and touching, I was relieved when Sarah said I could take a rest. But then I was more nervous when she said that they had more plans for me afterward.

Soon Alice called me to follow her. She explained that some ladies wanted to test some toys and they were going to try them out on me. I nervously followed Alice to a corner of the shop, where two ladies were stood waiting and giggling. "Here you are ladies!" Alice said to them. "You can try it out on Sophie."

The ladies smiled at me, as one them proceeded to put a collar around my neck and attached a lead, They commented on the nice hearts on the collar and then took turns walking me around the shop. I felt embarrassed and powerless as I had no choice but to follow the ladies as the paraded me around. Alice asked the ladies if they liked the collar and lead. They confirmed that they did and each bought one for their boyfriends.

Alice decided to keep me in the collar and lead and took me over to some other ladies who were looking at some crops. "Would you like to try that out ladies? We have a wonderful sissy for you to use."

The ladies agreed and proceeded to test it out on my bottom. I was told to bend over as they used it in turns to spank me. I could hear their delight as it slapped my bottom. After commenting on my nice red bum, the ladies thanked Alice for allowing them to test it on me and purchased one of them.

Alice decided that it was time for me to put on my dress. She told me to go put it on and then report back to Sarah who had some fun ideas for me.

I went back into the changing cubical, with a slightly stinging bottom, took the thong off and put the dress on. Sarah came in and tied the bow for me. She said it was lunch time and took me to the backroom where I was to make teas, coffees and sandwiches for the her and the girls while she sat and watched.

The ladies came to back to eat, saying that it was nice to have a sissy to look after them and make their lunches. After they had eaten, I collected their plates and cups to wash them while the ladies chatted. It felt good serving and taking care of the ladies.

Once lunch was over, Sarah took me back to the shop and had me walk around the shop modeling my dress. Again all the ladies in the shop pointed and touched. Some even pulled the bow undone!

I was used for modeling a sets of cuffs. These lacy red cuffs suited a sissy, the ladies said. p/queenie-handcuffs/03bocuas1148044

Then I was restrained for a while in this hog tie. Lying on the shop floor, helpless and at the mercy of the ladies, felt very submissive as they could do whatever they wanted to me.

Jenny came over and said she had been looking for me. There was something I needed to model for a customer downstairs. "In both senses," she giggled as I followed her, downstairs, wondering what she meant.

As we approached a puzzled looking lady, Jenny said, "Here, Sophie, this lady was wondering if this actually worked, so we're going to use you to demonstrate if for us." Jenny then pulled out a metal chastity device and lifted up my dress and put it on around my package.

It felt cold at first, and then I heard the padlock snap shut. Jenny was holding the key in her hand, still holding my dress up so the lady could see. Jenny started touching me and touching my balls to try and get me excited. "How does it feel Sophie? Do you like that?"

"Yes." I replied. I would normally have been hard by now, but I couldn't get fully hard in the device.

Jenny asked me if I was hard, and I told her I couldn't. I felt so submissive, being prevented from getting an erection, and I couldn't take it off while Jenny had the key. Jenny continued to explain the device to the lady and would point and pull it. She invited the lady to have a play with it while my poor penis was trapped inside it. The lady was pleased with it and decided to buy one, so that she could tease and control her husband, just as they had teased and controlled me.

Finally, the day was over and the shop closed."Well, Sophie, I hope you have enjoyed you day with us. We've enjoyed having our own little sissy modelling for us, and you were very useful to test the toys out on. You must come back soon."

After we said good bye, I left the shop with my thong and dress, heading home to report into my Mistress about my wonderful day of serving and being used by the ladies, and being their sissy.



Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Ever Panty Shopping Trip
by HKboy

I had several new applicants start with my Naughty November assignment and once again, it's the international boy who's still going strong. I'm more and more convinced that American boys under 35 or 40 have no real appreciation for women, much less Goddesses. Honestly, as an American woman, we need to return to teaching our sons to be respectful, hardworking gentlemen, and not allowing too many of them to become lazy jerks!

On the other hand, while the communications are sometimes slow with my new HKboy, and understandably so, he is showing his ability to step up, work through his fears, and do his best on every task. 

Below is his report from his first (and second) ever panty-shopping trip. Enjoy! 

I was quite excited yet very nervous about this assignment. I really didn’t know if I would be able to follow through and actually purchase panties. In my mind, I could see me going through with the assignment with ease: walk into the lingerie department pick up a few panties and pay as if it were any other transaction. But I knew in reality it would not be so simple.

After work, I went out to the nearest department store to me to see what lingerie was available. It’s a short walk from my apartment, and I had very mixed feelings: I was excited that I was doing this for you, Mistress while at the same time I had doubts whether I could do the task. As I walked past each person on the street, I imagined what if they knew what I was doing right now, going to pick out my panties to wear for you, Mistress.

Once I arrived, I walked around the mall to see what lingerie shops were available. There was one small shop, but it was already closed at that time. So I went into the department store. The store was a very local HK Chinese-style store.

A Chinese-style department store means that you choose the product you want in the store section, and they give you a slip of paper with the product and price. Take that to the cashier in another area, and after paying, come back to pick up your goods. So soon everyone knows what you are buying!

[Oh, this is ripe for a future humiliation-focused shopping trip! ;-) ~M]

I can’t imagine what they would all be saying about me buying panties, especially in Cantonese, which I can’t understand. I was quite nervous, and scanned around the store, then went to the women’s section. I did look at a few pairs. The styles weren’t so nice, and I couldn’t go through with the purchase. I felt disappointed with myself to have let you down, Mistress. I know I should complete your assignments and wishes immediately as a good boy for your pleasure.

The next day, I was more determined and motivated to make sure I completed my assignment and bought my panties to be your HK pantyboy. Without fail, I would come back with at least three pairs of panties as we had discussed!

I went to the next shopping mall. I kept trying to calm myself down and imagine it was just a normal shopping trip like any other - imagining that I was buying panties for a Christmas present. Well, in reality, I was buying panties as a Christmas present for you, Mistress, to wear everyday and to keep your cock nicely dressed.

I went into the shop and walked around the different sections: food, then menswear... and finally, I couldn’t delay any longer. My heart was pounding as I walked into the lingerie section of the store. I was actually following through and going to buy my panties!

Feeling so excited and nervous, I looked around the lingerie trying to find all-black panties, which I know you like the most. As I went to pick up the panties off the rack, my hands were shaking. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me wondering what I was doing. I walked around and finally picked up five different pairs of knickers.

I was only looking around the lingerie for about 2-3 minutes. I know I rushed it. I should have spent time looking at the styles and making sure of what I bought. But I was so eager to complete the purchase I went to join the queue.

Despite feeling I had rushed the selection, the queuing and paying took far longer, and was the most embarrassing part. There was one lady in the queue in front of me, two people paying at the cashier, and me holding my five pairs of knickers. Inside, I begged for other customers to finish quickly so I could pay and leave, but, no, there was some delay, and another lady joined the queue behind me.

What must they all have been thinking about me? My mind was racing and heart thumping, but I tried to show that I was calm and normal. Eventually, thankfully, it was my turn to pay. I hoped the cashier would be quick and discreet. Scan the items and let me finish my shopping, but there was no chance of that! She took so long to carefully check each item: the size, the style, the label… I waited patiently for what seemed an age for her to finish. Meanwhile, the queue behind me just kept getting longer. Still I was able to buy the panties and walk away. I was so happy I had done it for you, Mistress!

Even as I walked home, and people looked at my bags, I felt as though they were transparent and everyone knew what I had bought. But in that moment, I couldn’t wait to tell you I had done my shopping and to show you my panties.

I wanted to show you what I bought so I emailed you a list:

All Black:
Low Rise Brazilian Bonded Knickers

The M&S black knickers you liked, but mine have a patterned pink on the top instead of all black:
Wide Lace Trim Brazilian Knickers 

This one but without the bow:
Overlaid Lace Bonded No VPL Brazilian Knickers

This with the bow:
All-Over Lace Bonded No VPL Thong

For some variety, I bought a bright pink pair:
Low Rise Lace Bandeau Thong

I hope you like my first purchases, and the start of my panty collection. Your cock will be wrapped up nicely in panties from today forward.

[Later -]

Thank you so much for your time on Skype, Mistress. I was so happy to talk with you and to show off all my panties. I was quite nervous to talk to you for the first time. I’m sure you could see that. Your kind words telling me how proud you were of me made me feel so nice. I want to keep doing more to please you. For me, this was a big step to take, but I’m glad I have taken one step further in my service to you, Mistress. I’m excited to finish my report, wear my panties everyday and look forward to the next stage in my dedication to your pleasure.

Thank you also for allowing me to stroke your cock and to show off how I hit my p-spot. Actually, I wasn’t quite able to hit it as I normally would and perhaps my nerves meant I didn’t get fully hard despite being so horny over the past few days of being unable to touch. I’m sorry for cumming without your permission. I have never had that happen before where one stroke suddenly took me over the edge before I knew it and there was nothing to stop it!

I was a bit embarrassed and guilty to cum like that without your permission, but I enjoyed eating all my cum for you. It was very thick, and I haven’t eaten my cum in that way before - taking time to lick up every drop off my stomach and hands. With you watching me, guiding me and laughing at me I was glad to do it for you Mistress! I hope you enjoyed what you saw and in the future I want to do much better for you. Thank you for my punishment, and I will follow your orders to learn my lesson and never do the same mistake again.

I was so excited to have the chance to talk with you and model each of my panties. I really hoped you liked what I had bought and how they looked on me. I love the soft material and how they feel to wear. The way they fit so close and keep your cock dressed nicely. From now onward, I will do my best to wear them everyday.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Girlie Cummie in Silk Cami & French Knickers
by sophie

As I had done a good job with posting my review of my new camisole on the M&S website (shown below), Mistress allowed me a girlie cummie after 19 days of chastity.

I was to wear my Silk Cami and matching French Knickers to sleep in, and have my cummie in the morning.

I went to bed and slipped into my set. I could instantly feel the nice silk as I pulled my cami over my head and pulled the straps over my shoulders, making sure they were tight enough to hold the cami up. It felt so nice and feminine; next I slowly pulled my knickers up, again feeling the silk going up my legs and around my bottom. My penis throbbed as the silk touched against it. I felt like a girl.

Mistress had said I was to think about all the Ladies giggling and laughing at the sissy when I had gone to collect my knickers and cami.  I was to think of all the Ladies that will read my reviews and know that I'm a crossdresser. Thinking of these made me hard.

As Mistress had kept me in chastity for 19 days, I was longing for my cummie. I woke up at various times through the night, thinking of those Ladies laughing at me and of Mistress telling me I'm a beautiful sissy girl now.

I had set my alarm to go off a little earlier than usual. Mistress had specified that I could only rub for 1 minute, and after that I had to stop rubbing! As agreed with her, I was to rub using my hand through my silky knickers. At last my alarm went off, and I could have my girlie cummie. I set a timer on my phone for 1 minute as Mistress has specified.

I pushed the duvet away and stated the timer. I lay on my back, in my sexy black Cami and French knickers, and spread my legs. I ran my hand down to between my legs and slowly started rubbing with the palm of my hand.

I could feel the silk against my hand and press against my penis, as it became harder. I started running my hand up and down faster, until I could feel it. Such relief! I gasped as I could feel the silk against me, then my release. I carried on rubbing, my breathing deepening, then I felt my knickers were wet.

I stopped rubbing and lay there. I could feel my cum running down my legs and thigh. I thanked Mistress. She had told me once that I should spend at least 10 minutes in wet panties so that I know what a Lady feels like. So that's what I did. It did feel strange lying there in wet knickers with cum running down my leg, but it made me feel all girlie experiencing how it felt for Ladies.

I was glad I managed to cum as the timer went off not long after.

When I got up I took my set off and went into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, and I had marks on my shoulders from the cami straps.

Thank you, Mistress, for allowing me a nice girlie cummie. I am now back in chastity again until Mistress allows my next cummie.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Naughty November Cranberrying Report
by HKboy (Hong Kong, of course)

Yes, I'm still working my way through all the yummy Naughty November reports, and, no, I'm not done yet! As you can see, my jezi-girl has set the standard for Cranberrying pics!

I have another new potential/trainee. This one is a Brit living in Hong Kong. It took him a bit to do the Naughty November assignment, and he's just starting on self-control chastity training. I'm looking forward to seeing how he does.

At the supermarket, I found the Cranberry sauce. Immediately a thrill ran through me and I knew I would be able to perform the task for you. My cock almost instantly started getting hard, and because I was in my work trousers, it would have been easily noticeable to anyone around me. I tried to hide in the aisle until my cock subsided, and hoped I could get through paying without any great embarrassment.

At that time, I could feel that I was doing it for you and certainly a sense of service came over me. I managed to pay and then walk home.

I wrote you a message to tell you I found the sauce. The jar is sitting next to me, taunting me, in its presence I feel your presence too. I feel your aura surround me as I take these first steps to serving you and giving myself to you.

I hope I can do well to make you happy and pleased. Who knows where this journey will lead, what I will do to serve you and how far I will be able to go to serve and please you. Well, for now I am here with your jar and will follow your instructions carefully.

I re-read your instructions to make sure I remember all the tasks and don’t miss anything. I strip down naked and hold your jar, and re-read the instructions again. I have restrained from any touching since the day I wrote to you, so by now my cock is raging hard.

I stripped naked and went to the shower as I expected a messy performance. I bent down on my knees and imagined you standing over me watching. I open the cranberry jar, the pop, and the sweet smell of cranberry, in my ears and nose. I was expecting a more liquid and wet sauce but in fact the cranberry sauce was like a jelly.

Thinking of you and in my service to you I put my cock into the jar and started to push into the sauce. At first it was not easy to break into the jelly, but slowly I was able to penetrate the red sauce.

What a mess I made as my cock pushed in deeper the sauce overflowed the jar and all over my balls and then on the floor around me. I’m glad I chose to do this in the shower. The first strokes were quite hard on my cock as the tip tried to push through the thick jelly but when through the middle of the jar, my cock slid through with ease and was a surprisingly nice feeling. By now my cock had worked a groove through the sauce to the bottom of the jar, my cock hitting the bottom of the jar with each stroke and some jelly still falling from my balls. I bowed my head and continued, imaging you watching over me enjoying the sight of me fucking a jar of cranberry sauce and knowing what will happen next.

As I hadn’t touched myself for a few days and the excitement of doing this task for you, I reached the edge after only a few minutes. As I reached the edge the first time I slowed down to think of you clearly, and say one more time ‘Thank you Mistress for this opportunity to serve you’.

I then thrust my hips at full speed to fuck the jar of sauce, as I started to cum I kept repeating ‘thank you Mistress, thank you’. I came very hard into the jar and because of the size my cock with covered in a cranberry sauce cum mixture.

When I pulled out a good amount of cum was waiting at the bottom, and some was also mixed up with the cranberry sauce along the groove of where I had penetrated the jar. After the pleasure of the cum and died down I looked at the cum knowing my task was not over but also not looking forward to the taste of this mixture. At the same time I know this is a special treat you have given to me and one more chance to try and please you I didn’t want to fail you Mistress.

I got my spoon and began to eat the mixture in two ways. First without mixing I scooped out a spoonful with half cum and half sauce. On my knees again and thanking you once more I ate the first spoon. The combination of two textures and two tastes filled my mouth, the warm slippery cum sliding down my throat leaving a tangy taste and sensation in the back of my mouth, and the sweet jelly cranberry sauce reminding me of this holiday celebration. I can imagine you laughing at the look on my face as I tasted and ate this spoonful. After the first spoonful I stirred the jar mixing together the fresh cum with the cranberry sauce. The smell was still overwhelmingly sweet and this time a stronger mask for the cum taste but I could still see and know it was there. I ate a few bites and this time it was softer jelly texture after the stirring and a taste to match the first spoonful.

Finally I looked at myself on my knees, spilt cranberry sauce on the floor my cock still covered in cum/cranberry and holding the jar which you kindly let me use for your enjoyment. I thanked you and hoped you would be happy with my performance. I hoped you will enjoy reading my report and seeing the photos. I want to let you know how my mind was racing knowing that everything I was doing was to follow your instructions, to please and serve you. The sweet tangy taste remained in my mouth for a long time after as a reminder of my service to you. Thank you very much Mistress for this wonderful November task. I really hope you will enjoy reading my first report and seeing my photos.

After a little time reflecting on the task I wondered what other condiments might be good for this task. As I mentioned earlier, I thought the sauce would be more liquid and wet rather than a jelly. I imagine experimenting with various condiments of differing viscosity and even the condiments I use regularly having my cum stirred into it would be a small ritual of daily service to you.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Wearing my Chastity Device To Bed
by jason

I had jason try wearing his chastity device to sleep for the first time as a bit of a punishment. I knew he needed his sleep, but I also wanted to make a point, so I balanced the two objectives by telling him that he could take it off 1) the first time that he woke up or 2) after an hour of tossing and turning if he couldn't sleep. He went above and beyond, and did a great job.  


Last night my Mistress had me wear my chastity device to bed for the first time. I have a heavy, metal cage, and I could feel its weight all night long. Typically, when I go to bed after a long day of working and then exercise, I immediately fall asleep. Last night however, I tossed and turned seemingly endlessly. I did eventually fall asleep, but was woken up several times, and finally at 3am decided that it was time to take it off.

The upside of this experience is:
1) I did what Mistress asked me to and pleased her, and
2) I was engulfed in thoughts of my Mistress as I tried to sleep, constantly reminded of her by the large piece of metal between my legs.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Naughty November Edging & Cranberrying Report
by jason (US)

Those of you who follow me on Twitter have probably noticed my new potential, jason (@worklifebal333). Since he was applying at the end of November, and had already been chaste on his own, I decided it would be appropriate for him to reset his #ChastityStatus by doing my #NaughtyNovember assignment. I also instructed him to include some edging practice as he is new but says he loves to edge. 

Below is his first published report, but I'm certain it won't be his last. In fact, I have a yummy report on his first night trying to fall asleep in a chastity device that I might just add to the queue. ;-)


On Sunday, Mistress Magick let me edge and then experience "cranberrying" for the first time. I must say that this was something that I approached with great hesitation, as I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it or not. But my desire to please my Mistress far outweighed my caution, and I ended up enjoying it very much.

[It's funny how quickly a boy will change his mind about an assignment once you tell him that it is the only way that he is going to get to cum that day! ;-) ~ M]

After a second visit to the grocery store (the first store I visited was all out of cranberry sauce), I returned home where I was given permission by Mistress Magick to stroke and edge. It had been six days since I had cum, so naturally I was in a complete haze, centrally focused on finally being able to pleasure myself and cum.

After almost 8 hours locked in chastity (the longest continuous stretch with my new metal cage), I was allowed to unlock myself and begin edging. Earlier in the day, I had a wonderful conversation with my Mistress, where she talked to me while she was still in bed. She explained that she was going to be getting into the shower, and that I was allowed to stroke myself while thinking about being able to join her. This consumed my thoughts as I began to edge. I dreamed of being able to step into the hot shower, the warm water hitting my metal cage and reminding me who was in charge. I thought about lathering up and washing my Mistress's back, slowly moving down to her perfect ass. I thought about kneeling before her, her body turned toward the shower head, where I could caress and worship her amazing body and relish in her perfection.

[Oh my! In the future, I may need to put some boundaries on what he can imagine!]

This got me to the edge several times, and since I am one who can get to the edge very quickly, I remained there in pure ecstasy for as long as I could. Then came the cranberrying!

I had purchased the store brand smooth cranberry sauce, the kind that is shaped like a can. I opened it up and taped around the edges to prevent the possibility of cutting myself. After about an hour of edging, I was ready to make my mistress happy!

I removed about a half inch of cranberry sauce, so as to "make room". I lowered it to my now rock hard cock, and inserted it slowly. I made the mistake of putting the can in my fridge, and then not leaving it out long enough, so it was cold to the touch, which was a unique sensation, to say the least.

As I inserted it deeper, i could feel the smoothness of the sauce on my veiny cock. I began stroking it back and forth, faster and faster, right to the edge again. Again I dreamt of my lovely Mistress, this time instructing me and encouraging me to fuck it harder. As I thrusted ever deeper, I felt the climax approaching, and came tremendously hard as deep into the can as i could. I thanked my Mistress, took out a spoon, and sat back down for a snack.

I must say that I do enjoy cranberry sauce on its own, so I was not apprehensive at all about this end of the task. Frankly, I was a little disappointed as I couldn't really taste my cum over the strong flavor of the sauce! Too bad, as I do enjoy eating my cum for Mistress.

All and all, it was a fantastic way to end my weekend, and I rested that night soundly, knowing that I had pleased my Mistress and made her happy. That is, after all, the only thing that matters :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Silk Cami Shopping Report
by sophie

I still have the rest of sophie's report on reading her girlie magazine and having her cummie in her Silk French Knickers to post, but I thought you might like seeing her in the full Silk Cami and French Knickers Set first. 

If you missed her Silk French Knickers Shopping Report and Review, you can read it here: 

Mistress, here's a report on my camisole shopping. As they don't seem to have any of this collection in the stores near me I had to order online and collect in store.

I received confirmation that my order had arrived at the store and was available for me to collect. I went to collect it during my lunch break. I was picking it up from a different store then the one I collected the French knickers from.

I went into the store with my order confirmation printed out, and I looked for the customer services. It was on the first floor, and I made my way over. There were two Ladies there waiting and no customers. I told them that I had come to collect an order and confirmed my details to them. The young lady went to get my Cami while the other Lady printed out my receipt. The young Lady came back with my Cami, and unlike my French knickers, which that had been in a black bag, the cami was in a transparent bag; meaning that they could see exactly what I had bought!

I wondered what they thought. I'm sure they would have liked the cami as they seem to be popular, but I wondered if they were imagining me wearing it.

Just I was leaving, a Lady customer came up to the counter. I bet after I left the two sales Ladies told her what I had just bought, and they all laughed at how a sissy girl would look in it!

[Picture at right of sophie laying in bed, wearing her new silk set.]

As I was going out of the store I noticed a nice skirt, sadly it was a little expensive for the amount of time I would get to wear it. It has a vintage look to it:

It looks longer on the website than it did on the dummy in the shop, and reading the reviews, a few Ladies have said it's shorter. They also say it's kind of 50's, and they have worn it over petticoats.

I'm becoming such a girl - reading descriptions on skirt lengths and how other girls wear them! [I think it shows how well you are doing in your training ~M]

I guess that I need to post a review on my Cami now that I have worn it. [Yes, you do, sweetie! ;-) ]


Friday, December 6, 2013

Extra-Messy Naughty November "Smooth" Cranberrying Report
by taylah maid (Oz!)

When jezi did the first Cranberry version of the Naughty November assignment, she was only able to find the "Wholeberry" style sauce, so I assumed that the "Jellied" sauce wasn't available in the UK. I even thought that the "Wholeberry" might be better than the "Jellied" canned stuff that Ocean Spray sells us Americans. (See at right. That shape, and the way that the sauce holds it, is iconic.) 

This year, jezi found the Jellied sauce in jars, which is called "Smooth" in the UK, so I had her buy it and do the assignment again in order to compare the two. She said it was much better and felt more...mmm...realistic than the "Wholeberry". :-)

I knew taylah had found both in Australia (picture at left), where the "Smooth" is called "Jellied" like in the US. As you can see, it is in a jar there, but a less fancy one than in the UK. Since I had previously ordered taylah to use the Wholeberry sauce, I ordered her to do the assignment again with the Jellied sauce for comparison. Below is her intensely wet and messy report!

[Note: taylah is definitely my most outrageous sissy, and the below is definitely not my usual "Cranberrying" report. She really likes getting wet and messy, as well as wearing colorful and outrageous makeup. I was a little concerned the first time I read certain aspects of it, but after talking to her, I realized that it was just her way of having fun!]


At the moment, I'm struggling to find any sort of alone time to be able to complete assignments. So as soon as I found out my family were going out for at least four hours, I knew this was my chance to finally complete my second cranberry assignment for Mistress Magick!

My first job was to actually buy the cranberry sauce. I quickly drove down to the supermarket and purchased the “jellied” variety of cranberry sauce. Without anyone looking sideways at a guy buying only a jar of cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving day, I returned home to get ready for my cranberry cummies. [Obviously your mom/wife forget to get it, and since your imaginary American cousin, George, doesn't think it's a proper holiday without cranberry sauce, she sent you out to get some! He was disappointed that it didn't come in a can! LOL! ~ M]

I went into my bathroom, shoving some boxes against the door in case my family returned home early. My first task was to set up my mobile phone so that I could film everything that happened. Upon setting it up (using a lot of blu tack), I undressed. (I'm sorry. I know I said I was going to attach at least some screenshots, but after watching it back, I'm not comfortable with any of the images ending up on the internet.)

I wanted to feel nice and femme while completing the assignment, but rather than merely apply makeup, I instead used my clown face paint as makeup. I used purple face paint as eye shadow over my right eye, and neon orange face paint as eye shadow over my left eye. I painted neon pink circles on my cheeks, and used the neon green facepaint as lipstick. The “lipstick” continued off my top lip halfway to my nose, and off my bottom lip a third of the way to my chin, but despite its comical exaggeration still retained a quite feminine shape. I painted a thin black line along the edge of the eye shadow, the pink cheeks, and the green lips to accentuate the shape.

Now that I was all dolled up, it was time to begin. I kneeled down in the bathtub, removed the lid from the cranberry sauce jar, and as suggested poked a hole in the centre of the jellied cranberry sauce. I poked Your cock into the jar, and I noticed that the sensation this time was different to last time. This time, the sauce offered much less resistance, with much less friction. If the sauce went everywhere last time, it really went everywhere this time! The sauce quickly lost all of its jelly-like properties and became very runny.

I spent about a third of the time scooping cranberry sauce off my legs back into the jar. The sauce ended up all over my legs, and all over my hands, making it very hard to hold onto the jar!

It took about six minutes of pumping away at the very saucy sauce to realise I needed to take a break. I found it difficult to do when there was so little resistance! After taking a while to get hard again, I returned to the jar and began humping away again.

As I got closer to orgasm, I began to repeat the special mantra Mistress Magick gave me: “Your girl, Mistress; Your cock, Mistress; Your pleasure, Mistress”. After about two and a half more minutes, I finally had the orgasm I had been craving! It felt so good to be able to cum in such a messy, humiliating way for my Mistress. I thanked my Mistress for allowing me this release, before scooping up as much of the cranberry sauce as I could – the jar was now less than half full – and stirring up all the cranberry and cum with a spoon. I knew the especially fun bit was coming next!

I lay on my back in the bathtub, opened my mouth wide, and emptied the entire jar of cranberry-cum sauce into my mouth. I really liked the way the neon green facepaint on my lips contrasted with the deep red colour of the cranberry sauce. It quickly filled up my whole mouth, and then overflowed out of my mouth and down the sides of my face, into my hair, and onto the bathtub. I lay there for a moment to soak in the moment. The fact that the only two times I had cum in a month were using cranberry sauce really made me hot, as I do enjoy wet and messy play, especially at the hands of my Mistress!

Now that my legs and face were covered in cranberry sauce, I decided to attempt to use cranberry sauce instead of water to wash my sissy clown facepaint off. It smeared everywhere, which made me really happy! I waited for a few minutes to enjoy the mess before showering and washing all the mess away.

Now, to the important part: the comparison between cranberry sauce types. Personally, I enjoyed the "Wholeberry" cranberry sauce more than the "Jellied" sauce. It offered more resistance against Your cock, made more mess, and was probably healthier as it contained less sugar. I did notice that the jellied sauce was easier to clean up. With the Wholeberry sauce, the pieces of cranberry make it difficult to simply wash it all down the bathtub drain. The jellied sauce disappeared without a trace very quickly.

If I was to suggest ways to improve the assignment, I would suggest one of two things. The first way to improve it would be to have Your slave leave the cranberry sauce jar in the fridge overnight to make it nice and cold. Along with the added cool sensation, in the instance of the jellied sauce, it may take longer to get runny. [Brrrr! Other subs had said that it feels like a pussy except that it is cold! Of course, maybe being a lot hotter in Australia this time of year makes a difference.]

The other suggestion would be to have Your slave buy multiple jars of cranberry sauce, so that after a few minutes they can change jar to a new jar. This means more cranberry sauce will go everywhere, as well as a better sensation when Your cock plunges into each jar. Personally, if I could do this assignment again tomorrow, I'd use five or six jars instead of one, but then, I just love getting messy! It would also have the added advantage of having Your slave buying unusually large amounts of cranberry sauce at the same time, which would be more likely to raise eyebrows at the point of purchase. [Now, that's an idea! ;-)]

Mistress, thank You for this opportunity to get messy for You. This Thanksgiving, the thing I was most thankful for in my life was You. You're so clever and funny and loving, and I'm very thankful. Thank You, Mistress. [I love you too, sweetie. *kisses*]

Your taylah maid

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Smooth" Naughty November Report
by jezi-darling, aka My "cranberry girl"

jezi is now officially my "cranberry girl": Not only was she the first person to do the cranberry version of my Naughty November assignment, and the first one to do it twice, she is now the first to comparison test the "Smooth" versus "Wholeberry" versions of the sauce. Yes, this is her second time doing it this year. She actually did both in November, but I'm just getting the chance to post her "Smooth" report now. This should be the same style cranberry sauce as the "Jellied" version here in the States. 


Dear Mistress Magick

Today, i was allowed a second release for Naughty November so as to test and compare the UK "Smooth" version of Cranberry Sauce with my recent "Wholeberry" experience! i was more than grateful to Mistress for allowing me this opportunity given that i had 'discovered' the smooth at a local supermarket just after my original Naughty November assignment.

i was well aware of the routine and managed to remember to place a towel beneath me beforehand! i stripped naked and made the jar ready for my cranberrying, placing two fingers deep into the cold, firm, jelly-like sauce, making a suitable "hole" for Your cock to enjoy!

my fingers were covered, and i used the sticky cold mess to coat Your cock for Your pleasure. It did feel wonderful!

i rubbed, teased and edged Your cock for a couple of minutes until i was forced to stop so as not to ruin my assignment! Gasping with delight, and looking forward to the treat before me, Your cock was as firm as it ever gets!

As i slowly eased myself into the almost vagina-like hole made in the jelly sauce, i found myself sighing with the coolness about Your cock, and the amazing feeling of being "within" that it gave me. i was soon pushing myself deeper and firmer into the jar as it consumed Your cock in the cranberry. It felt oh so very good!

It felt as though Your cock was just reaching the base of the jar as the smooth sauce covered me and oozed about me. My pace quickened, and my desire to please and release grew with each motion. Back and forth. In and out. Faster and faster, i plundered Your cock into the jar, my 'cranberrying' becumming fulfilled!

i teased my nipple with one sticky cranberry-coated finger as my release came closer and closer, kneeling on the towel and beginning to say our mantra over and over:

"Your cock, Mistress."

"Your girl, Mistress."

"Your pleasure, Mistress."

Making sure to pause, and reflect upon You, after each word and phrase, my feelings heightened until i was so close, so very close. It was as though You were beside me as i finally exploded my load deep into the jar! my body shook and Your cock fired its load 3, maybe 4, times as the thrill and release flooded through Your girl's body. i was gasping with joy, ecstatic at my release for which i was, and am, so very thankful to You.

i held myself deep in the cranberry for a few moments, reflecting on the experience and how close i felt to my Mistress, to You - another time for me to feel so very close with You as i had had the privilege of when in Europe. You are a truly Magickal Lady, Mistress.

i withdrew Your cock from the jar to reveal my yummy cummie sissy juices and then used the spoon i had thoughtfully brought with me this time to devour my naughtiness.
Having had the pleasure of a Cranberrying with the Wholeberry sauce and another with the Smooth sauce, i must confide in Mistress that Smooth was even more intense and enjoyable than Wholeberry.

It was also kinder on Your cock, with less bits to get messed up with it. *giggle* My experience today was even better than my first Naughty November assignment, and i would recommend the Smooth to anyone!

Admittedly a sample size of only one of each is maybe not a fair test, but it was most enjoyable Mistress, and i thank You deeply for allowing me to be the cranberry guinea pig!

[Don't worry! taylah maid and others have/will do comparison tests as well. ;-) ~M ]

i hope You enjoy reading this when You get the chance and love You deeply.

Hugs, love and kisses,

Your cranberry jezi-gurl

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