Saturday, November 16, 2013

Naughty November "Cranberrying" Report
by My jezi-darling (UK)

This is jezi's third year cranberrying for me. ;-) She has always had problems finding the Jellied version of the sauce in the UK, so I've allowed her to use the Whole Berry version. I've come to the conclusion that the Brits have better taste than to buy cranberry sauce in the can!

However, after doing the assignment this year, she found some "Smooth" sauce in jars, so she's going to be doing it again. I've decided that I want to do a comparison study, so she won't be the only one! ;-)


Dear Mistress,

Today was another of those incredibly special days that You deemed me worthy of having and i thank You deeply

This was the day of my Naughty November assignment and 'cranberrying' release in Your honour

i had selected a suitable jar of whole berry cranberry jelly/sauce at the local supermarket. There's nothing at all unusual in that when cumming up to Christmas and turkey time, so that part of the assignment was relatively easy and straight forward.

Now my having been a sissy of Mistress' for some time now this was not my first such assignment with the turkey loving berry, oh no, and this time was to be the best documented by pictures and the most intense yet!
Taking advantage of Mistress' advice, i made a hole in the jelly with two fingers of my left hand. The sauce was firm but squishy between my fingers. i used my messy fingers to rub and lubricate Your cock as i knelt before the jar of cranberry in homage to it and You. i had rarely before lubed myself thus for You. It made a sticky mess on Your cock but nothing compared to what was to cum later!

Suitably lubricated and naked, kneeling for You, Your cock now fairly firm in anticpation, i plunged it into the readymade hole and buried it within the glass jar and its contents of cool and messy sauce! i gasped a little at the coldness about Your cock but also at the thrill of being thus engulfed and surrounded. Some of the contents oozed out about Your cock and balls and spilt to the waiting towel and over my hand as i held the jar close up against my crotch!

The thrill and excitement of my Naughty November assignment for Mistress Magick and the gooeyness of the mess about Her cock as the cranberry squelched and squeezed about me soon had me on the edge of release. i tried my best to prolong the feelings as it might be some time before Mistress deemed me worthy of another cummie, but the intensity was way too much! After a mere 6 or 7 minutes of masturbating into the messy jar, i was chanting our mantra, slowly and with respect and joy in my heart - pausing after each word to add to the thrills:

'Your cock, Mistress'

'Your girl, Mistress'

'Your pleasure, Mistress'

And then in a joyous intense and amazing release, i came in the jar of cranberry, shivering and shaking with delight as my cummie squirted into the messy jelly.

Slowly, and with a smile on my face, i removed Your cock from the jar to reveal my yummy cummie in the jar of cranberry, a mess of wholeberries and sauce upon the towel beneath me. Tipping the jar up, i licked and lapped up all my yummy cummie, tasting of cranberry. Mixed with the jelly, i savoured every drop,  my devotion to my Mistress.

This was a very messy and fun release for Naughty November, one that had almost the intensity of a night in Europe (winks and blushes) - yes Mistress, that good!

It is a pleasure and honour to serve and worship You. i am so grateful for You allowing me back with You bit by bit, step by step, hug by hug and kiss by kiss.

i humbly submit my report and hope Mistress enjoyed the read and pictures a fraction of how much her sissy enjoyed taking part in Naughty November!

love and hugs and kisses,

Your sissy jezi girl and princess,

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Naughty November "Cranberrying" Report
by My taylah maid (Aussie)

I asked azpanties, jezi and taylah maid to complete my Naughty November assignment early in order to serve as examples for others who might be interested in joining in. I also added in an unnamed incentive for jezi if she submitted her report before taylah! I've been very proud of how well taylah has been doing with her assignments, and I wanted to see if I could get some healthy sissterly* competition going between them. taylah beat her to it (NPI), but I still gave jezi a smaller reward for getting her assignment done early. I'll post her report in a couple days. 

* Another new word, this time from taylah maidsissy + sisterly = sisster 
So a sisster is a sissy sister. My gurls have definitely been enjoying using it! :-) 

It was also interesting for me to compare her report to azpanties' because his made me all hot and bothered, whereas taylah's literally had me smiling and laughing out loud! I do think each of them is exactly appropriate to where each of our relationships are. I am still getting to know taylah, who may also be taking a bit of a break soon, but, if so, I'm really going to miss her. She is so much fun to train and play with! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!


I was pleased to be able to take part in Mistress Magick's Naughty November assignment, which involved using a jar of cranberry sauce to achieve release.

My first job was to buy the cranberry sauce. I walked in and found the jar I needed. I noticed that while the previous times I had gone in to investigate there was a full case of jars, this time there were two empty spaces in the rack. I could only wonder if there were two more sissies near me, who were maybe also getting ready to complete Mistress Magick's assignment!

I went to pay for the jar of cranberry sauce. The lady behind the checkout was a friend who I don't speak to often, but briefly had a crush on in high school. She told me all about the holiday she had just been on, and about how she had only just got back. If she knew that I just bought a jar of cranberry sauce from her so that I could stick my little clittie in it and bring myself to orgasm and then eat it all up under the direction of a Mistress on the other side of the world, she'd probably want nothing to do with me!

[You never know. She might just want to follow you home and watch... and then tell of her friends about it the next day!] 

[Oh, wait! They're your friends too? Never mind! ~ M ]

At Mistress' request, I placed the jar in a very prominent place in my room – directly in front of my computer – so that I can see it multiple times every day. I was also required to wait a week before I could cum, and my oh my did the pressure build up over that week!

[I had not been long since she had cum when she purchased the sauce, and she also tweeted something about the shopping portion being "easy", so I wanted to make her think about the next part - and to anticipate it - for a while. ;-)]

It came to be Monday, and therefore time that I was allowed to complete my assignment. I stripped off, put on some pink lipstick, and kneeled down in the bathtub. Mistress had said that it would be messy so that was the best idea, and I'm certainly glad I listened!

I unscrewed the lid, and noticed the consistency of the contents. I had thought that since it was sauce it might be quite liquid, however it was actually quite solid, and despite being at room temperature, it was quite cold! I read this morning that weather experts think it's been the coldest November in about thirty years (remember, I'm in the southern hemisphere, where it's meant to be spring, almost summer) so it was a lot colder than I would have thought it would be!

[Room temperature is generally cooler than body temperature and the sauce is also wet, so unless you're having 98+ degree F days, the sauce is probably going to feel cool. It seems that the consensus is that it feels like a cool, wet pussy!]

It was also cranberry sauce with whole berries, which meant I occasionally ran into some little solid bits, which wasn't entirely unpleasant. It took a few attempts to make entry for the first time, as my sissy clittie couldn't push into it very well, however I soon stopped being so polite and managed to force my way inside.

[Oh my! ;-) I do think that I need to update the assignment to suggest poking a "starter hole" with your fingers and using the sauce from it to lube up, making sure that you are nice and hard, before you begin.]

Earlier in the day, I had tweeted that I had spent the previous night cuddling the jar of cranberry sauce, because I thought I should at least get to know it before I “hump its sauce-brains out”. Had no idea that it would be that visual when I actually did it, but it was! 

While I had realised that it would be messy, I hadn't realised just how messy! One of the things we learn as kids is the story of Archimedes' amazing discovery in the bathtub, where he fills the bathtub with water and when he gets in notices that the water overflows. Similarly, the displacement of cranberry sauce upon my sissy clittie's entrance into the jar also resulted in much of the contents of the jar overflowing and landing everywhere! I decided the best thing to do was to kneel with my knees together, not apart; that way, I could more easily scoop up the cranberry sauce which had escaped the jar and continue humping away.

I noticed the cranberry sauce jar making the most satisfying squelchy noise as I used it to pump away at my sissy clitty. [ROTFLMAO!] I also really enjoyed the thought that I was only doing this because of Mistress Magick; I would never have thought to use a jar of cranberry sauce to masturbate with! [*soft smile*]

With the week of denial prior, I really didn't need that long to achieve my release. I kept repeating “Your girl, Mistress”, as required, before finally cumming inside the jar. I made some moaning noises, including a really high-pitched moan that I don't think I've ever made before. It threw me a little bit! “Hang on, where did that come from?” Upon release, I said “thank You, Mistress”, knowing that my job was not quite over yet!

Now was the final part – to mix the cum into the cranberry sauce and eat as much as possible. I scooped up as much cranberry sauce as I could, put the lid back on, and shook the jar up so that it all mixed in together. I decided the best way to force as much into my mouth as possible and to make a potentially big mess, was to lie down, open my mouth wide, and empty the entire contents of the jar into my mouth from above. [LOL! I think a certain gurl just really just wanted to get all "wet and messy"!] It all came out in one huge lump, and I'm pleased to say most of it went into my mouth. As my first time eating cranberry sauce, I was pleased to say I quite liked the taste! Although I genuinely don't know whether I like cranberry sauce, or cranberry-and-cum sauce. I obviously have only ever consumed the latter!

As I washed it off, I was actually disappointed that it hadn't stained my little clittie – Mistress had warned that it could stain so I should wash it off immediately, but it didn't stain at all. I would have loved that extra reminder!

I'd like to thank Mistress Magick for allowing me to take part in this assignment, and allowing me to have a release.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Naughty November "Cranberrying" Report
by My azpanties (US)

"To Cranberry" (verb): To become intimate with a can or jar of cranberry sauce, as in "You had better get on with your cranberrying, boy, and finish My Naughty November assignment".


My #1 boy, azpanties, was the first one to do this year's assignment. At the last minute, I decided to give him the special privilege of my watching him on cam - something that I've never done before for this assignment. But then he had to wait patiently while I finished "one last thing" first... several times. I did still require a report from him so that I could share it here, as well as to read more about his thoughts and reactions. Enjoy!

(And, yes, there is still time to join in. 
         Email:  ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com 
and request my Naughty November assignment.)


I really enjoyed this year's Thanksgiving assignment. I chose the cranberry option. Not being an avid grocery shopper it took me quite a while to find the correct "jellied" cranberry sauce, but it was the perfect food item to slide Your cock into!

I'm really happy that You wanted to watch on cam while I completed the task. It always turns me on even more performing at Your direction, for Your pleasure.

I chose to set everything up in the bathroom, and, anticipating making a mess, I put towels on the floor.

When You were finally ready, I stripped naked, except for my cock ring and stood in the shower with Your hard cock and a can of jellied cranberry sauce, while You watched me on cam! At your direction, I poked a hole in the middle and lathered up Your cock with sauce as lube. I slowly began fucking the cranberry sauce, spilling half of it out!!

It really did feel like a soft [albeit cold] pussy. In and out, in and out. Then twisting the can in circles, teasing the head of Your cock. You had me pull Your cock out at one point and use the sauce as lube to masturbate with. You also made me rub the sauce all over my chest and balls. It was unbelievably exciting performing for Your pleasure.

Finally, begging You to allow me to cum, You had me hold Your cock head at the tip of the can so that you could see me explode into it...Amazing sensations.

And lastly, You watched as I grabbed a spoon and ate the cranberry/cum mixture.

[And, I quote: "Cum tastes better than this!" LOL!]

Thank You for watching Mistress and I look forward to the Christmas assignment.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Special Edging & Release Reward Day
by taylah maid

Today, Mistress Magick decided to reward me for a doing good job on my first #MMDay Report and for posting a blog entry about my sissy style that a few people had talked about on Twitter. Mistress permitted me one edge for every person on Twitter who had talked about or retweeted my blog entries, followed by a release! Since I could count six people who had talked about them on Twitter, I was permitted six edges. After three days of not touching, I was very happy!

For my first edge, I rubbed myself through my purple panties while thinking of Mistress Magick, and repeating the phrase “Your girl, Mistress” as instructed. As I came close to orgasm, I focused on the sensation of being near to release, and the accompanying sensation of pleasure and then denial upon stopping. It's so strange, whereas an orgasm typically ripples through the whole body, the sensation of edging and stopping begins in my clittie, and flows through the body, but seems to stop around my belly button, before lingering for a little while. It's an interesting sensation to focus on.

My second and third edge took place in the shower. Knowing Mistress Magick likes it when I kneel and imagine I'm kneeling in front of Her, I kneeled in the shower and began to stroke. Repeating “Your girl, Mistress”, I stroked and stroked. Imagining Mistress in front of me helped me hold on and not accidentally release, as I desperately want to impress Her. After doing the things I was meant to do in the shower – you know, washing myself – I squatted down, spread my knees as far apart as I could, and began again. This time was probably the closest I've been to the edge without actually cumming. I'm quite proud of myself for getting that close without going over the edge!

My fourth and then fifth edge happened in my bed later that afternoon. I decided to put on my large headphones and put Barbie Girl on repeat, so I could really escape and get in a sissy state of mind. It really didn't take too long before I came close to the edge and had to stop. I decided to look at a bunch of images on Twitter, and hadn't realised I was playing with myself until I recognised the feeling of being on the edge and needing to stop! I realised that this would count as my fifth edge – I was quite frustrated with myself, as I knew I'd not been concentrating and only had one edge left.

Later that night, I kneeled before my bed for my sixth and final edge. I knew this would be the last chance I would have to experience any sort of pleasure before I have to complete Mistress Magick's Naughty November assignment, so I decided to make the most of it, and dressed up in my special pink Sailor Moon costume (minus the gloves) and pink wig (pic above). I began to slowly stroke, repeating the phrase “thank You, Mistress” and “Your girl, Mistress” as Mistress instructed. I slowly came close to the edge, and then stopped, knowing I'd soon be allowed a release but desiring to extend the experience for as long as possible. I again focused on the sensation of stopping. Since being under the control of Mistress Magick, I've really come to appreciate the sensation of being made to stop and the way that feels. It's different to the sensation of release, but it feels... more powerful.

Knowing this was my big moment, I began to rub myself sensually, repeating “Your girl, Mistress”, and before I knew it I had experienced a mind-blowing orgasm and released my sissy juices into my hand. I thanked Mistress, and put my hand to my mouth, swallowing it all. I have now swallowed two complete loads in a row, which is the first time in my life I've ever swallowed two full loads in a row. This time didn't seem to taste as bad as last time, which makes me wonder: am I learning to love the taste, or is it just because Mistress wants me to do it that I'm suddenly not repulsed by it? In either case, it means that my sissification is taking place not just physically, but also mentally, on a subconscious level. To be honest, that's kind of exciting! I'm thankful to Mistress Magick for allowing me to have this chance for release, and for the changes that are already taking place in me.

Thank you for reading this report! Please, reblog it, tweet about it, and tell everyone you know about it!

taylah maid

* * *
I love how introspective this was (both how you are paying careful attention to what's happening in your mind and body, and how you are expressing it to me), as well as how you are taking the time to savor every edge. Keep up the good work, taylah! 


Sunday, November 3, 2013

#MMDay Report
by taylah maid

Below is the first #MMDay Report from my new potential sissy, taylah maid, which you can also read on her Tumblr here. She is sincere, eager and well-mannered, and I like that she's active in the sissy world, including designing some sissy assignmentsShe's a bit more outrageous in her style than my usual sissy, and I wasn't sure at first, but I'm finding her an intelligent and interesting potential addition to my "household". 

Last Wednesday, Mistress Magick declared a #MMDay, where submissive boys and gurls edge (masturbate to the "edge" of orgasm, but stop before reaching orgasm) for Mistresses' entertainment and pleasure.

Because I live in Australia, the day was almost over before I could start, but luckily Mistress gave me a twenty-four hour period in which I was permitted to edge. In this #MMDay, I was only permitted to edge once per location; I then needed to go somewhere else before I could edge again.

My first edge was in bed. Having the luxury of a late start and an empty house, and knowing the items available to me in my room, I began by putting on my blindfold and inserting earplugs. That way, I would not be able to see or hear anything; instead focusing intently on Mistress. If someone was to return home while I was cut off from the world like this, I would not know until they physically touched me. Luckily, nobody returned home! As this sissy began to rub, this sissy began to vocalise my pleasure at this opportunity, repeatedly moaning "thank You, Mistress", louder and louder, until I was practically shouting! It took 25 minutes for this sissy to reach the edge of orgasm.

My second edge was in the toilet. This time, it took only ten minutes to reach the edge, and I did not vocalise as much as before; as I didn't truly know how loud I had been vocalising before because of the earplugs, I decided to speak much quieter.

I moved to the lounge room [living room] for my third edge. There's something about being in the lounge room that always feels risky! It took seven minutes to edge this time.

For my fourth edge, I moved to the shower. I love being in the shower, pouring liquid soap on myself, and experiencing the sensations involved with that. As I reached the edge, I turned the hot water off completely so that I was forced to endure a cold shower. Not fun!

Later that day, I was heading into a work function. That didn't mean the edging was to stop! Following orders from Mistress Magick, my fifth edge was in my car, while I was driving. With one hand on the wheel, I rubbed myself through the light purple panties and trousers I was wearing to the work function. Talk about distracting! I'm sure if anyone pulled up along side me they'd have a few questions!

My sixth edge was in a public bathroom before the work function. I edged slowly, and spent twenty minutes getting to the edge. I was really starting to feel as though I had lost control now! Now, I was merely a distracted, horny, denied sissy attempting to appear and feel like a man. Of course, I knew I was far from it! 

My seventh edge was in a bathroom at the function. I had waited until the room was empty to begin, and once the coast was clear I began to slowly bring myself toward the edge. Several colleagues entered the room to relieve themselves, and all I could think was "what would happen if they knew that in this cubicle, I was here, getting heartbreakingly close to orgasm and then stopping just because someone had told me to"! Upon leaving, I felt the most frustrated I have felt in a long time, and then struggled to look my colleagues in the eye. They politely said nothing about the extended period of time I had spent in the bathroom.

My eighth edge was back at home. Mistress Magick had tweeted at me: "Before bed, I want you to kneel and edge again for me. Then, after less than a minute's break, start again and cum, thanking me."

I really wanted to cum, but I was exhausted and knew I would not enjoy it if I came right away. I asked Mistress if I could please wait until the next morning to release for Her. Mistress replied that I may, but I had to wait a full 24 hours before I was permitted to reach orgasm!

The 24 hours I had to wait was such an interesting experience. While only a short period of chastity, it drove me mental not being able to touch myself! The whole day, I could not stop thinking about Her, and about how I was a sissy, and how I was under Mistresses' control. I could have just gone and cum and not told Mistress about it, but this... I wanted to control myself; I wanted to hold on, simply because Mistress had told me to. That made it worth it.

24 hours later, I had my ninth and final edge. Alone, in pitch black in my room, kneeling before my bed, I began to stroke and stroke. After coming so close to orgasm, I did as Mistress ordered, stopped, waited for less than a minute, before continuing on to orgasm. I can tell you the orgasm was amazing! I released into my hand, thanking Mistress profusely, and per Mistresses' request, I swallowed it all.

I have only ever swallowed all of my cum once in my life; normally I might just lick at my hand but smear most of it on myself so I don't have to consume it. I swallowed it, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (though I still found it yucky)! I was pleased to be able to orgasm, and to be under Mistress Magick's control.

Mistress Magick has also asked me to begin tweeting my #DailyPanties and #ChastityStatus. This is a simple tool to ensure that I am keeping up with my sissy training, wearing panties every day, and not having an orgasm without Mistresses' permission or knowledge. I look forward to keeping everyone up to date with my efforts!

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