Friday, October 25, 2013

Sissy Birthday Spanking & Cummie Report
by My jezi-darling

I spent much of jezi's birthday chatting with her, but she didn't have access to a proper spanking implement so I gave her a special homework assignment. ;-) I hope you enjoy her report.  ~ M

Finally having the privacy to complete my task, I selected my panties for the day: the lovely and very sissy pinup panties that My Mistress Magick so very lovingly gifted me for my birthday three (yes 3!) years ago

They seemed perfect for what the morning had in store: my belated birthday spankings followed by a loving release in honour of My Mistress.

Mistress had been kind enough to allow me, Her sissy jezi, a release if, and only if, i were a good sissy and gave myself 52 spanks [including some extras "to grow on"], 26 to each cheek, with a wooden spoon in honour of my birthday.

i selected a suitably long handled implement and made my way to a private place in order to commence my spankings. i knelt and slid my panties down my thighs to expose my bottom in readiness and then proceeded to administer the spanks in blocks of 13 to each bum cheek. First 13 to the right, then 13 to the left and then repeated, all the time imagining My Mistress had Her hand on the handle and was helping me with my aim.

i cannot say the swats were painless - far from it, - and i am sure my cheeks were glowing admirably by the end. The glowing heat along with the stinging of the swats reminded me of how lucky i am to be back under probation with Mistress and how much i had missed being in Her Service.

The spankies complete, my attention now turned to Her cock, which was now somewhat aroused and a little dribbly with precum from the pleasure of my bottom having been spanked! i took Mistress' cock between my forefinger and thumb of my right hand and began to rub and stroke it as it grew firmer and slightly longer, (i am blessed with a truly sissy sized peewee, blushes). As my caressing got faster and faster my mind and my voice repeated over and over our mantra which meant so much to me and Mistress, and is our bond in times of pleasure. All said with suitable pauses and gasps between each word and phrase the following was uttered, nay, lovingly spoken....

Your girl, Mistress.

Your cock, Mistress.

Your pleasure, Mistress.

After the recent double edging #MMDay and my birthday spanks, there was not long to wait before Mistress' cock shot forth its load into the palm of my waiting hand, the glowing of my cheeks now warm on both my bum and my face as i knew the final task awaiting me......

The delight of my release filled me with joy and the reward from Mistress was the yummy sissy cream now in my palm which was eagerly and devotedly lapped and licked up.

Your sissy jezi was and is so happy to be able to share this with You, Mistress, and hopes that this report might put a smile on Your beautiful face as You set about Your day, curtsey

With much love and huggles and kisses,

Your sissy, jezi gurl

Saturday, October 5, 2013

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