Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cleavage Punishment Report
Part 3: Writing Lines While Dressed
by sophie

As you may remember, sissy sophie was being punished for staring at women's shapely bodies and cleavage. First, I had her create some cleavage of her own, but that was NOT the punishment. It was just to help accentuate it. 


However, this was to be my punishment. Whist I had been told to dress up pretty as though I was going out,  Mistress had informed me I would be writing lines. However, Mistress had not told me what or how many repetitions I was going to have to write yet.

I exchanged a few emails with Mistress whilst she decided on my lines. After confirming that I had all night to myself, we discussed that my lines should be done as a detention. This meant that I would have to sit writing until all my lines had been completed.

A few moments later, Mistress provided with my line: “I must never disrespect women by staring at their shapely bodies and/or ample cleavage.” I was to write it 250 times.

Mistress also detailed the rules of my detention: I was to email her to clock in to detention and again when I had finished all my lines to clock out. Mistress allowed me 10 minutes break for every hour, so that I could use the ladies room and get some water or quick snack.

I went and got my pens and paper, and then checked myself just like a girl would when she goes to the ladies room. My lip cream has started to fade so I wiped it off and put some lipstick on. Again, as I leaned forward to look in the mirror, I could feel my tits hang down and see my cleavage down the top of my dress.

Now that my lips were now a nice girlie pink and creamy again. I went over to the desk and emailed Mistress to clock in for my detention. It was 8:15pm BST.

As I sat down, the skirt of my dress rustled and puffed up, so I had to straighten it. I moved the chair closer to the desk and leaned forward to start writing. Of course my tits got in the way! My chest was now further out than it used to be, and I felt my "breasts" push back against my body as they were squeezed against the desk. I had to lift myself up so my tits were over the edge of the desk and rest them on the top of it. This felt strange, but I would have to get used to it!

As I got to the bottom of each page, I ended up looking down at my cleavage and tits on the desk. Again this was strange and made me think about whether this is what ladies have all the time: having to mind not bumping them and being able to see them and - of course, having naughty boys and gurls looking at them whether you want them to or not! No matter what you did, they were there. I couldn't hide mine whilst wearing my dress. I felt like a real girl.

I carried on with my lines and took a 10 minute break every hour. I went to the ladies room and checked my lipstick. It was okay so no need to reapply any. Of course, I noticed my newly shaped chest. I eventually completed all my lines at 1:50 am BST. Apart from my 10 minute breaks, I had been writing continuously since 8:15pm. I finished 5 1/2 hours later, so minus the breaks, approximately 4 1/2 hours of writing. I had missed out on my Saturday night, but I am sure the ladies I disrespected would have been pleased. They  would have enjoyed me sitting there writing lines for hours, dressed up like a pretty girl in my dress and heels, and having to manage having tits and a cleavage, just like they have to.

My punishment has taught me that it is not nice when people stare at your body. Tits and cleavage cannot be hidden from everyone else’s view. Ladies like to dress up all nice and pretty, and they should be able to do so without naughty boys and gurls being disrespectful and staring at them. I have also learnt that they can be awkward and sometimes get in the way, but they make dresses look and feel much nicer to wear when a gurl has them. They also made me feel more like a girl, and I found my bra to be more comfortable than I had imagined.

I told her that she needs to wear the bra (and tits) all day, every day, and then tell me how comfortable it is! ~ M

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