Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cleavage Punishment Report
- Part 2: Creating My Sissy Cleavage
by sophie

Sophie recently needed a reinforcement punishment and it reminded me that I still owe you the rest of Sophie's Cleavage Punishment Report

Creating Cleavage

So now all I had to do was buy the things needed to create my cleavage. I bought some medical tape, which was meant for holding dressing and bandages, and some bandaging. Next I bought some balloons, some small nice pink ones. As I was buying them, I thought "if only they knew what these were going to be used for!"

I got back home from my shopping trip, had some lunch and started to get prepared, so I had another look at how to create cleavage and watched some videos, and followed the instructions. These included washing and shaving my chest area which I did using my pink ladies razor. Whilst I was shaving my chest, I also did my underarms as Mistress said I should dress to be as pretty as I could. Unfortunately, I did not have enough blades to do my legs. I hadn’t done them for a very long time so I would have needed quite a few and it probably would have taken me all night.

I then started to create my cleavage: I wrapped the bandage around my body just above the nipples, pulled it tight and pushed my nipples up over the top of it. Next, I used the tape to push my left breast in towards the right and taped it and repeated the process with my right breast. The tape held them and I could see a bit of cleavage but it wasn’t very big, or at least not as big as a boy's imagination.

It did look very strange, but of course I could see all the taping and bandages, so I put on my bra. I had read during my research the correct way was is to lean forward into the cups and then jiggle them. With my bra now on, I began to stuff the cups: The first thing was balloons filled with water. The hardest part was doubling them up (to reduce the risk of one bursting) and then trying to get them the same size and shape. I also put some socks in my cups. I now had what looked like ladies tits held in a bra and some cleavage. I did start to feel feminine, and as I moved around I could feel them move around, wobbling and hanging down when I leaned forward. And, of course, I could see my cleavage when I looked down.

The next thing was to trim my nails, both so they looked nice and girly and so they wouldn’t catch my tights. I then turned to my make up. I am still not very good at putting on make up on and it takes me such a long time that I decided not to paint my nails. I know Mistress likes seeing me writing my lines with pretty nails, so I decided to buff my finger nails first with my buffing bar. After buffing, I took my pink "Cotton Candy" lip cream and applied it slowly to my lips. The cream has a cotton candy taste and a cold feeling at first. I applied a coat, pushed my lips together and applied a second coat making my lips a nice girly pink.

So with my nails, lips and cleavage/bra done, I started dressing. I was to dress as though I was on a ladies day/night out. I put on my black thong panties and rolled my new tights up over my legs, they made my legs feel nice and smooth. Unfortunately, as I hadn’t shaved my legs they didn’t look very feminine. Next, was my nice new dress: I stepped into it and pulled it up over my new breasts and zipped it up at the back. It seemed a little tighter now I had my breasts, but it looked so nice and much better with my breasts to fill the front of it - it looked more like dresses look on the other girls. Of course, with all this jiggling, my breasts were wobbling. It felt very strange, but nice, and like just the kind of thing naughty boys and gurls like to look at.

Now that I was dressed, I put on my costume jewelry: some clip on earrings and a ring, then my hairband with a pretty black bow on it. I stood in front of the mirror and could see myself, feeling very girly in a pretty dress, pink creamy lips, earrings, a ring on my finger and a bow in my hair. The only thing left was to put on my heels. I slipped them on. After giving myself a moment to get used to the height and the angle that my feet were now at, I started to walk. It was a bit difficult at first, but I had to remember to take small, ladies steps not big boy ones, and try not to point my feet out.

I took some pictures as best I could for Mistress of my cleavage and my dress, etc. I could see my new chest in front of me and feel them wobble as I moved. Of course as I looked down the front of the dress, I could see cleavage and bra, only this time they were mine and not some poor lady being stared at. It felt very strange having my own cleavage and tits. I gently squeezed my tits and they felt nice and squishy, but I could also feel them press back against my chest as I did so. I felt very sexy.

In Part 3, sophie will be looking down at her own cleavage as she writes her punishment lines for staring at ladies' breasts. ;-)

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