Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Panties Shopping Report
by sophie

UPDATE: For pics of sophie in her Holiday panties, read:

In addition to working on her punishment for ogling ladies' breasts and buns, sophie is also the first to submit her Holly-Day Assignment Shopping Report. 

Since she won't have a lot of privacy from now through the holidays, she's planning to do an advanced version of Level One, possibly wearing stockings as well as panties. 

Perhaps her report will give the rest of you some ideas as well:


I have purchased my panties (knickers) and some stockings from Ann Summers for your Yule assignment:

Panties: p/fantine-red/white-tutu-brief/ 01btskas1017053

Over the knee stockings: p/marabou-bow-white/red-stripe-over-the-knee-stockings/04skonas1038053

I'm not sure if I will be able to get away with wearing the stockings on the holiday. I will have to see how things go.

I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have exact matching stockings, i.e. red with white bows like the panties, but when I asked the saleslady, she said these are what everyone else is buying to go with them.

[I think everyone has these stockings, and they will to go with most outfits, although some will look better with something less "busy" like these Sexy Lace-Top Thigh High Stockings (US Link). ~ M]

The nice lady also asked if I wanted to look at the matching corset and bra, which I did like but again the corset is a little expensive for me at the moment, and I wouldn't be able to wear it until I have more privacy at home.

The bra does look nice, but again, I wouldn't be able to get away with wearing it at the moment, and of course, silly sophie had forgotten her bra size. [;-)  ~M]

Corset: fantine-red/white-corset/01srcras1040053

Bra: fantine-red/white-long-line-bra/01brllas1021053

I also remembered the cock ring assignment and looked for some, but they didn't have any. It was quite an interesting experience asking the nice attractive lady if she had a set of three black rubber cock rings!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Padded Panties Shopping Report
by sophie

As part of my punishment for looking at ladies' bottoms, Mistress decided that I should have a lady's bottom of my own, and said that she was going to turn me into her "bubble butt sissy".

Mistress had instructed me to buy a pair of rhumba panties and a pair of padded panties as part of my punishment. As finding rhumba panties is difficult, Mistress allowed me to purchase those online. With her permission, I ordered these Coquette Frilly Rumba Boyshorts from (US link) in pretty, sissy pink.

Meanwhile, I found two High Street stores that sold padded bum-booster panties: Ann Summers (theirs are only available in black) and Debenhams (available in both black and nude- for some reason the website shows nude as white when they actually a nude colour). Mistress intends me to wear these under my new pink rhumba panties so that my bottom fills them out like a ladies' would. Therefore, she felt the nude colour would work better.

I wanted to buy the padded knickers today as I wasn't sure when I would have the chance to buy them again. I went to the big shopping centre where I knew there was a reasonably-sized Debenhams as they would be more likely to have the panties in stock.

As soon as I walked into the store, there was a sign marked "lingerie" with an arrow pointing the way! It felt like they knew I was coming and wanted to make sure I couldn't use the excuse that I couldn't find them!

[ROTFLMAO! It's just like I told them to expect to her! ;-) ~ M]

As I made my way over to the lingerie department, I began to feel nervous and started looking around to see if I saw anyone who knew me. The store was very busy with Christmas shoppers.

I approached the lingerie and started looking for the panties. I walked past the bras, remembering when Mistress had me buy and wear a bra filled with balloons and a low cut short dress whilst sitting in detention writing my lines - my punishment for looking at ladies' breasts. I thought to myself buying a bra is far worse than buying panties.

[Speaking of which, I recently realized that I never published the second part of her Cleavage  Punishment Report so I'll be doing that soon - perhaps after we are done with this one.]

But this time the shop was very busy, and I was very self-aware as there were lots of ladies shopping. I arrived at the panties and began to look round for the bum booster ones.  As I looked at the panties on the rails, I eventually came to the shapewear section where there were panties, slips and other body shapers. The actual design of these tend to be plain and either black or nude. As I started looking at the items, I began to wonder what all the ladies around me were thinking, as this really isn't the kind of lingerie a man would be buying for his wife or girlfriend!

[Maybe for his infirmed grandmother? Or maybe not!]

After a few minutes of searching and moving around the ladies who were picking items of the rails and talking about the nice dresses they has seen, I eventually found what I was looking for. I selected a pair in my size and nervously picked them up and felt them. I must of stuck out like a sore thumb, standing there holding and checking the labels of a pair of shaping panties. The material is nice and smooth, and the padding is soft and spongy and, of course, shaped like two bum cheeks. There are little pleats on the back between the cheeks. I started to imagine what it will feel like wearing them - to have a ladies bottom, and, of course I will soon get to know exactly what it is like when Mistress has me wear them.

I made my way to pay. There were three ladies serving, but unfortunately, there were large queues at all the tills: long lines of ladies holding their lingerie and dresses. I joined them in the queue and stood there holding my nude, padded, bum-booster panties. I felt very embarrassed as I slowly moved closer to the till.

I placed my panties on the desk, and the lady scanned and took my payment. Again, I thought this isn't the kind of lingerie a man would be buying for his wife or girlfriend. I bet the ladies around me were thinking the same. Perhaps they were saying to themselves, "Oooh he's going to have a nice girlie-shaped bum. He must want to look his best in his Christmas party dress."

[Reading this really made me LOL - in the ladies room at work! I can just imagine. ~ M]

I quickly left and reported to Mistress that I had made my purchase.

Having to shop for ladies clothing and items makes me nervous and embarrassed, but it makes me feel submissive. It reminds me that I am a sissy and that is all part of my punishment.

I haven't tried them on yet Mistress, but hope to try them before I go to bed tonight and try to take some pics for you.



So what do you think of my Bubble-Bum* Sissy? ;-)

(*Since she's on the other side of the pond, I've decided we must take it upon ourselves to create the British version of the term!)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sissy Panties
by sophie

sophie has been very naughty and needs to be punished for lustfully looking at ladies breasts and bums again. This time, I've decided to turn her into a "bubble butt sissy" as part of her punishment! 

Of course, the first thing she needed were some proper sissy panties. I decided that a pair of rhumba/rumba panties would add some nice padding to her bum, so she ordered these Coquette Frilly Rumba Boyshorts from (US link) in pretty, frilly pink. I thought you might like to see, and read, what she thinks of her new sissy panties: 


I feel very soft and feminine - a sissy just as you intended Mistress. The ruffles feel nice when I run my hand up and down the panties. They make a nice shape of my bottom, but my bum doesn't quite fill them like a ladies' would.

They are definitely girlie-girls panties! The nice pink colour and pink bow at the back, which I can feel touching my back as I walk, reminds me of how girlie I am. The inside of the panties is like a quilted material, and so nice and comfortable to wear.

Mistress is right to put me in sissy panties.



Lovehoney photo: Coquette Frilly Rumba Boyshorts

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sissy Cummie Report
by simple twist

Unfortunately, this will be simple twist's last report - at least for a while. He needs to take a bit of a break, and is doing so with my blessing. 

I woke up Friday morning, aching and frustrated like usual, locked in my Queen's Keep chastity cage and wearing my pretty chemise and panties. But I was more excited because You told me I was allowed a sissy cummie when I got up.

Instead of holding onto Your cock and bringing myself to release as a boy, I was to lie on my stomach and rub Your cock in my soft panties against my mattress. I was not allowed to use my hands at all.

I unlocked my chastity cage and positioned Your cock pointing up. My panties stretched enough that I was able to keep the head of Your cock covered so that I could have my release into the panties and then be able to suck them clean.

I was excited to get my release this way, knowing it was a more girly way to do it than I was used to.

I put a towel down to protect my sheets, and set a timer to ten minutes. You had told me if I couldn't finish in that amount of time I'd have to stop. Somehow I knew it would be plenty.

I pulled my chemise up to keep it from getting messy, and lay down on my stomach. I felt very much like a sissy - soft and feminine - as I slowly rubbed against the mattress, feeling my soft panties teasing Your cock. The sensitive underside was getting all the attention, and I slowly worked into a rhythm. As I did this, waves of submissive and feminine sissy feelings washed over me. I thought to myself that I was Your gurl, rubbing Your cock for Your pleasure.

After a couple minutes, I felt an orgasm building, and kept my rhythm of rubbing. Soon Your cock was pulsing beneath me, and I felt a sticky mess coat my panties. It felt so good, and so feminine, to cum this way. Once it was finished, I got up and pulled my panties down, careful to catch all the cum in them. I brought them to my mouth and licked the globs of cum from them with my tongue, before putting them in my mouth to suck out every last drop.

Thank You, Mistress, for letting me have a sissy cummie. It felt wonderful while reinforcing feelings of submissiveness and sissyness.

simple twist

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