Friday, November 23, 2012

Sissy Shaving Report
by simple twist

simple twist had admitted to me that he was interested in shaving, but nervous about how he would explain it if anyone noticed. So, when he made some remarks about a sissy who had not shaved his legs for a video, especially after simple twist himself had not shaved for Halloween, I decided that he needed to be punished! 

While shaved legs look more feminine, there are many who can't shave for various reasons, and I do NOT approve of bashing those who don't shave. I allowed him to wait until the weather got cold enough that he would be wearing pants all the time, but made it clear that he need to shave sooner or later. 

NOTE: I generally prefer my boys to have pubic hair. It's okay to trim, but I don't want anyone that I play with to look like a child! (Well, unless he's an AB, and I rarely play with them anymore.) 

I woke up Monday morning unsure if this was going to be the day that I finally shaved my legs. I knew it was something that I was required to do sooner or later, but Mistress Magick also gave me permission to wait until after the holiday this week. I wasn't working until the afternoon so I had plenty of time and privacy in the morning to get it done. I got out of bed and decided it was the best time to do it.

I wasn't nervous about the act of shaving my legs, but instead was nervous about having to keep my legs hidden after it was done. What made me consider putting the task off was the work involved. I'm a fairly hairy person and I knew it would take some work to get it all off, and that if I did a poor job it would leave me itchy and uncomfortable.

I went into the bathroom and grabbed my hair clippers. I usually use them to trim down my beard but instead used them without any attachments to buzz off all the hair on my legs and my ass, leaving nothing but stubble. This took me some time to get all the hard to reach places, but soon my bathtub had a pile of my body hair sitting on the bottom.

The next step was to turn the shower on and get my skin nice and wet and soft. Once that was done I turned the water back off and lathered the first leg with shaving cream. Seeing my leg covered in shaving cream was a pretty strong reminder of my sissy status, and even though my legs weren't smooth yet, the look was quite feminine and left me feeling girly and vulnerable.

I took the pink Venus razor that I bought for the occasion and slowly started shaving. Before long, the lower half of my first leg was done and I lathered up my thigh with shaving cream and moved onto that. Before I knew it one leg was feeling pretty smooth and feminine, compared to the other stubbly one. I repeated the process with my other leg, all the time admiring the feminine transformation before my eyes and feeling like quite the sissy.

Mistress Magick ordered me to keep my pubic hair in tact, but I decided to shave my ass and between my cheeks as well. Many years ago, I had a subscription to, and I remember reading a quote there that stuck with me: "There's nothing worse than a sissy with a hairy ass". I agreed, as the last thing I wanted was smooth girly legs but hair poking out from the rear of my skimpy panties. I grabbed some shaving cream and lathered everything up and slowly and methodically attacked it from every angle I could. I reached behind myself to gently run the razor over the cheeks, and reached down between my legs to get the more intimate areas. After some time, it finally felt like I had gotten it all. Once I was done with that I rinsed, lathered everything up again and repeated the process. I still felt bits of hair in spaces all over my legs and ass and wanted to make sure I was as smooth as I could be so I took the time to do it all a second time.

I felt the girliest when I took some moisturizing lotion to my smooth skin after I was done. It was an incredibly feminine feeling rubbing lotion into my freshly shaved legs, and knew this would be a sissy reminder as I keep my legs smooth for Mistress Magick.

When I was done I couldn't get over how heavenly it felt to have legs so smooth. Everything that rubbed against them, to my towel, to pulling up my panties, to putting on pants was almost sensory overload. Every movement made my smooth legs rub up against some piece of fabric and felt deliciously feminine. That night I spent so much time laying around rubbing my legs together, enjoying the sensation and feeling so feminine. When I put on my chemise to go to bed it only heightened the feeling to feel the lace and satin tickling the tops of my now smooth thighs.

It was a good thing I am kept locked in a chastity cage because I don't know if I could have made it through that first night, enjoying all the new sensations, without touching Mistress Magick's cock. I woke up aching in my cage even more than usual, and all I could do is simmer in my horniness.

My plan was to shave every other day and keep everything smooth through the winter. But Mistress Magick instructed me to run the razor over my legs again the next day (Tuesday) so I did, keeping everything fresh and smooth. I shaved everything careful once again on Wednesday to keep to my every-other-day schedule.

Thank You, Mistress Magick, for pushing me to shave my legs and be a better sissy for You. Every time I move, I can feel them rub against my pants, and I'm reminded of what I am, and where I fit in the world. It's a privilege to be Your boy, and it's a privilege to be Your gurl.
;-) I'm proud that simple twist is my boy and is becoming my sissy gurl as well. 

I love his idea of using electric hair clippers to trim off most of the hair first. And it's always best to go over everything twice in order to make sure that you're as smooth as possible.  

And look at those yummy legs! 



Friday, November 16, 2012

Chemise Shopping Report
by simple twist


Today I went out in search of a chemise. We had talked about getting one for me to wear at night for the last few weeks, and by now I had a good idea of what You would like to see me in. It had to be black, preferably with some lace, and sexy, but not so much that it was uncomfortable to wear. It was not to have underwires or molded cups as you wanted it to be comfortable enough for me to cuddle and sleep in.

I was nervous shopping for my chemise - in some ways even more nervous than I was when I went out and bought panties. You had me go to Target first, which was actually the store I dreaded the most. My logic said that if I was buying this chemise as a gift, it wouldn't be from Target, and therefore it would be obvious to everyone that it was for me. I walked by the lingerie section at my local Target and was very nervous. I glanced in but didn't make it into the section. I walked around the store and picked up a few things that I needed before heading back to the section. This time I ventured in and started looking around. I saw some chemises but nothing immediately grabbed me as something You would approve of. My heart was racing. Then a middle-aged couple entered the section. I got even more nervous and immediately left.

Next, I was going to try Macy's. On the way through the mall, I passed Victoria's Secret. I wasn't planning to go in there before Macy's, but I looked in and a few things caught my eye. First I walked by, but then turned around and went in. The Victoria's Secret in my local mall is on the smaller side, and as I walked through, everything I saw was more elaborate than what You wanted, and most had underwire cups. I left Victoria's Secret and made my way down the hall to Macy's.

I thought Macy's would be the easiest store for me because the sections have their own check out. I wouldn't have to walk to the front of the store like I would in a Target. I made my way to the Intimates section. I was more nervous than I should have been, but still less so than at Target. I didn't see much in black, and the items I did see didn't seem like they would be what You wanted. On my second pass through the section, I started looking around and realized that the store was more crowded than I was comfortable with. My heart began to race, and I got really nervous again and left. I felt bad because I felt like if I browsed closer I might have found something, but I had chickened out.

I was feeling pretty down on myself and thought I had failed for the day, but in the end decided to drive to a shopping center a few towns over. When I got there I didn't see any department stores like Macy's that I was looking for, but when I drove through the parking lot I noticed there was a Victoria's Secret there too, and it looked bigger than the one I was used to.

I went in and a sales girl immediately asked if I needed help. I told her, "No, thank you" and that I was just looking around for a gift. I always wonder if it's obvious that that is a lie. I took my time and looked at what they had to offer, but once again everything I saw was impractically sexy and had too much going on in the breasts. After looking at a wall of chemises and babydoll's, I turned around and saw a chemise hanging on the other side. I immediately though it would be perfect. It was black satin with cream lace trim. Simple, elegant, and sexy. I always try for Extra Large at Victoria's Secret, but it's very hard to find anything in that size in store. But there was a Large. I picked it up and it looked like it could fit so I decided to get it.

On the same wall was some black satin panties with lace front and a bit of lace in the back. I thought You would love them and decided to get them in Large as well.

When I got home I tried the chemise on immediately because I was still unsure of the size. It was a little tighter than I wanted it but not terribly so, so I think it will be ok.

When I put it, it immediately made me feel like a sissy. When I wear panties, there is some practical purpose to them. I have to wear some kind of underwear, so panties are technically an option that fills that purpose. There is no reason to wear a chemise except to make me look and feel feminine. I put it on and felt feminine, like a sissy, and very submissive and vulnerable. I was naked except for the most delicate of lingerie and my eyes naturally went downcast. Not only did wearing it make me feel feminine, but made me want to look even more feminine. When looking down I noticed the hair on my legs and that I wasn't wearing heels or stockings. I felt like I should be doing more girly things. And then all I could think of was that I hoped You would like it and that it would please You to see me in it.

I'm writing this report wearing the chemise, a pair of black lacey bikini panties, and my 4 inch heeled Mary Jane shoes.

Thank You Mistress, for allowing me to do this.


simple twist

Monday, November 12, 2012

Naughty November Assignment Report
by simple twist

For the first time, this year I'm allowing boys to get prepared stuffing from restaurants such as Boston Market, KFC or local cafeterias when performing my Naughty November assignment. Email ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com and request the instructions. 

As you might remember, simple twist was being punished for going over the edge and having an unauthorized release. I decided to make him wait a week, and then to wait until he was able to do my Naughty November assignment for his next release. I kept him locked in his Queen's Keep chastity cage the entire time to prevent any further incidents, so he had been continuously locked for 10 days when he began the assignment.

On my way home today, I stopped at Boston Market to get an order of their stuffing. By the time I got home, the stuffing was cool enough to use for Your Naughty November Assignment.

The container of stuffing was on the large side, so I scooped out a decent-sized serving into a bowl to use. I stripped down to my panties and unlocked my chastity cage.

Thinking of You looking down at me, I got on my knees and grabbed a handful of the stuffing. I grabbed Your cock with the handful of stuffing and slowly started to stroke.

As I stroked, I started repeating Your mantra:
 Your boy, Mistress. 
 Your cock, Mistress. 
 Your pleasure, Mistress.

It didn't take long. Soon I could feel the orgasm approaching. After being denied for ten days, I exploded into the bowl with the rest of the stuffing. I carefully scooped the stuffing from Your cock and my hand back into the bowl, and mixed the whole mess up.

Normally, I hesitate to eat my own cum, but I do it quickly to get it over with. It was even harder to do this way because I couldn't just gulp it down. But I grabbed a fork and started eating my treat anyway, reminding myself that what I do is for Your pleasure, and not my own.

Thank You, Mistress, for allowing me to cum and eat up all my mess.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Punishment For Not Stopping
by simple twist

This was simple twist's first time writing lines as punishment, and I think I may have gone a bit too easy on him. He's still on probation, and I expect him to be on his best behavior for some time to come (no pun intended).

Yesterday, Mistress Magick gave me the privilege of removing my chastity cage and edging Her cock for Her pleasure. I had stopped when I reached the edge.  But I didn't have enough self-control, and I touched Her cock again. It was just enough to push me over the edge. I came without permission!

My punishment was to write lines, edging between them in order to teach me greater self-control and focus. I was instructed to write the line:
  "I must learn better self-control so I can please Mistress Magick as She desires."
100 times, and to edge Her cock after every 20th line.

If I made a mistake while writing, I had to mark my mistake and start that page again, including edging again if I had to rewrite a 20x numbered line. If I came by mistake, I was to add another 100 repetitions, making 200 times, and at least ten edges, and so on.

I went to the store early this afternoon to get a fresh notebook and black pens. While there, I was reminded your blog post about Pervertables, and tweeted a picture of some rulers.

When I got home, I stripped down, took off my chastity cage, and changed into my purple Victoria's Secret cheeky panties as You directed. I wasn't to wear anything else while I wrote my lines. I kept my chastity cage on the table right next to me as instructed to serve as a visual reminder that it's Your cock and exists for Your pleasure.

It took my a few minutes of practice lines to get the formatting down. This was my first time writing lines and presentation was a big part of your instructions. I wanted to make sure everything looked right and uniform on the page. Once I got it figured out, I settled in to begin my writing.

I only made it to my third line before making my first mistake. I wrote the letter S on top of the letter A in the word please. I put a slash through page 1 and started over from the beginning. I knew I would have to take my time, and focus on every word so I wasn't repeating myself more than I had to.

I fit 10 lines per page, and after finishing the second page it was time to edge. I pulled Your cock out of my panties, and began to stroke. While stroking all I could think of was the line I had written. In my head I kept repeating "I mist learn better self-control so I can please Mistress Magick as she desires." Soon, I was at the edge and immediately let go and put Your cock back in my panties. Pulling away so close to the edge goes against every natural urge I have, but it's worth it to be frustrated and a good boy for You.

I settled back down and moved on with my lines. It's easy to fall into the trap of taking your mind of each individual letter and word, but I was constantly reminding myself to focus and take my time. I didn't want to write the same page over and over again to get it right. My hand was already getting sore, I didn't want to add any more to it than I had to.

After the 4th page and 40th line, I stopped to edge again. This time I got there even quicker, but refrained from going over. I went back to work on my lines starting the 5th page, and ran into my first real problems with writing. After writing my 41st and 42nd line, I noticed that I put two spaces between them instead of one. I slashed through the page and started a fresh one. This time, I wrote up to line 46 cleanly. But on line 47 I wrote a second E on the end of desires instead of an S. Once again, I slashed through the page and started over at line 41 again. It had been 20 minutes since my line 40 edge and I've made no real progress. I forced myself to focus more, slow down, and finally got through the page.

I made sure I took my time as I continued on, and in doing so I was forced to focus on every word, with every repetition. And in doing so, I was constantly reminding myself of how wrong I was to touch Your cock after I was supposed to take my hand away, and how bad I felt in disappointing You. I slowly worked my way through my pages, and after the 80th line edged again. This time I was there almost immediately, and wanted to push myself over so badly. But once again I just secured Your cock back in my panties, and moved on to finish my final two pages.

While working on the last page, I was afraid I was going to screw up and have to keep repeating it as I was so close to the end. But I made it through and got to 100 without another mistake. But that left one more edge. And once again I was there quickly, and was so afraid that I'd spill over and have to do 100 more lines. But I managed, and gained the self-control to stop myself and put Your cock away one last time.

I let it settle down for a few minutes while I took pictures of my pages,. When I was done with that, I had gone down enough to lock Your cock back in the chastity cage.

Thank You, Mistress Magick, for taking the time to train me to be the best boy I can be. I felt awful when I came without permission, which greatly exceeded any feeling of relief I got from it. When I was done with my lines, Your cock was aching and my hand was sore, reminding me that I'm Your boy, and it's Your cock, and it's all for Your pleasure.


simple twist

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