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Cleavage Punishment Report
- Part 1: Shopping
by sophie

Recently a group of ladies who were out for a ladies lunch came into our shop. I quickly noticed them as they were all dressed up in their posh frocks, heels, fascinators and perfect makeup. They all looked very pretty and attractive. As they walked around the store, I started leering at them, watching their bottoms and silky legs.

After a while the ladies approached me and asked for directions to the ladies wear department. As they came over to me, I could see their cleavage. I stared at them, practically drooling, and, instead of speaking to them with courtesy and respect, I started talking to their cleavage.

The ladies noticed this and were not happy. A female colleague who was nearby heard this and said that she had also seen me staring at the ladies bottoms and legs since they had come into the shop. Hearing this, the ladies got even angrier with me, asked how would I like it if they leered at me. They said that I had ruined their nice day out and had humiliated them, and suggested that it would do me good to experience what it is like!

I, of course, needed to be punished for my disrespectful behavior, and reported to Mistress for proper punishment.

Mistress asked me if I had anything to wear that was similar to what the ladies were wearing. I did have a dress, but it was not as revealing as what the ladies were wearing, so Mistress said that I should go shopping for a pretty dress that had a low-cut top and a short skirt.

Mistress also instructed me to look on the internet for information about measuring for bras and creating cleavage, as I was to wear a bra with cleavage on show while writing out my punishment. I completed my tasks and reported my findings to Mistress.

Mistress was pleased with my findings and confirmed that the first part of my punishment was to be:

- Learn how to create cleavage by taping and then stuffing my bra with water balloons, hose, socks and/or other fillings.

- Buy and wear a bra with cleavage showing

- Buy and wear a new dress with a low cut top and short skirt so that my cleavage and legs were put on display similar to the ladies that I was staring at.

Next was a shopping trip to buy my dress, tights and bra. I went out very early so that the shops would not be crowded with people as I was very embarrassed to have to buy all these girlie things, but I think that was all part of Mistresses plan. I went to buy my bra first as that was what I was most nervous about buying.

Buying My Bra

I went in to Marks and Spencer as I had bought some panties from there last year. Luckily the store opened at 8am. I entered the store feeling nervous but it was so early there weren’t too many other customers around. I went upstairs to the lingerie department and walked around, this being the first time I had bought a bra. I walked over to them, There was a huge selection, and I was a bit confused as there were so many types. While doing my homework I had learnt a little about bras and had asked plunge and balconette bras that showed quite bit of cleavage. However, Mistress instructed me to buy a full cup bra so that it would hold in all my stuffing, so I began to look for anything that said “full cup”.

One of the sales girls asked if I wanted any help. I said “No, thank you” and proceeded to shuffle around. I checked to see if anyone was watching me as I looked closely at the tags. Eventually I found some that said "full cup", now to find my size.

I am a little bit confused about sizing but I had worked out a rough guide. I had worked out that I was a 40AA, but as Mistress said that I was to stuff them so a bigger cup was needed. Mistress had suggested that I not get anything bigger than a C cup. I couldn’t see any 40C’s, but there were 38 sizes. According to what I had read, if you get a lower bra size the cup increases, so I picked up a 38D. 

Next, I wasn’t sure of colour: they had dark indigo, black, white and mink. I have heard women say you shouldn’t wear a black bra under something white, but I didn’t know what colour my new dress was going to be. I guess the safest option might have been to go for white, but as this was my first bra I wanted something a less plain so I picked the dark indigo and went to the check out. The shop was still quite empty and I was served quickly.

All-Over Lace Full Cup Non-Padded Bra:

[Note: I didn't tell sophie NOT to get a padded or push-up bra, but just to make sure to get one with full cups (not demi, balconnette, half-cup, etc.) as she would need enough of a cup to hold all the stuffing without anything popping out. Some of the tutorials that she read about stuffing suggested padded bras, so I was a bit surprised when she got a non-padded one, but I think it worked okay in the end. I also advised her to get a B or C cup, but I'm not surprised that she went bigger! ~M]

Buying Tights

Relieved to have gotten that over and done with, I went downstairs to the shoe department where the tights (hosiery) were. I had bought some tights before, but I got the wrong size and they were too long even though I am quite tall. This time, I wanted to get it right so I looked at the packaging. I could see tan ones with descriptions like natural tan, suntan and nude, and I decided to buy the natural tan. A sales girl was stood next to me hanging up some items. I looked at the back of the packaging to see the size chart, which had things like height and skirt size. I wasn’t sure so I nervously as the lady if she could help. I explained that I was looking for a pair of tights but wasn’t sure what size I needed. She came over, looked at the chart and explained that skirt size was hips rather than waist. She suggested that I would need Large. I said thank you and took them over to the till to pay. A cheerful lady served me and popped them into a bag.

Autograph 10 Denier Slimming Ladder Resist Tights:

Buying a Dress

Next, it was time to find a dress. I could not see anything appropriate in Marks and Spencer so I left to look elsewhere. There are quite few women’s clothes shops such as Debenhams, New Look, Dorothy Perkins and Next. It was now 9am, and the other stores had just opened their doors. I wandered in to Next and went around looking for a dress as Mistress has specified but could not really see anything until I found the Lipsy section. They had some nice dresses but were too expensive, so I decided to look somewhere else.

My next stop was New Look - again the store was not very busy with just a few lady customers and sales girls. I started to look around, but I could not really find anything that fitted the requirements. As I looked around I was asked if I needed any help, but I said “No, thank you.”

I found that one of the hardest things was judging how short or long the skirt of the dresses would be, and I had to hold them up me to try an gauge them. I was hoping no one would see put them against myself whist trying not to be noticed. Having not found anything, the next stop was Dorothy Perkins.

Dorothy Perkins was empty - just the sales girls - and once again I went through the process of searching the dresses. I did eventually find a nice suitable dress. I held it up and it fitted Mistress’ requirements. Unfortunately, they did not have it in my size - just one size below. Having heard women complain that they can be one size in one store’s clothes and a different in a another store, I wasn’t sure. I asked the sales girl if their sizing was on the large side, and in the end I told her it was for me! I had hoped she might be able to look at me and give me a yes or no, but she said she wasn’t sure so I left it and went to Debenhams.

The shops were now getting quite busy, and I still hadn’t found anything. This was probably my last chance, or I’d have to try another town. I walked around looking at the dresses and saw a nice one on a mannequin that had an above the knee skirt and a v-neck. I looked around, found them on the rail and checked if they had my size - yes they did! I lifted it up off the rail, and again trying not to be noticed, held it against myself. Lots of ladies were browsing around me, and I wondered what they thought of a man standing in a department store holding a dress up against himself. Right, I thought!

I had been searching for a long time and it seemed to match the requirements, it was a reasonable price and had 20 percent off, so I decided to buy it. I went over to the cash desk. It was over at the other side of the store, so I had to walk across the store with my dress in front of all the ladies. I got to the till and was served by a young lady, who asked if I wanted the hanger. Sadly I can’t hang Sophie’s clothes so I said that I didn’t. She folded and placed my dress in a bag and took the money. As she was putting it in the bag, I noticed that the dress had a mesh skirt underneath which I had not noticed before. I wondered what it would be like.

I paid for the dress and went to leave the store. As I went around the corner to the doors, oh no!! A few paces in front of me was someone from work! I don’t think he saw me thankfully. If he did, I’ll just have to say it was a present for my sister.

Ivory Spotted Prom Dress:
The dress looks nicer than it does in the photos, in fact I really like it. Perhaps I should post a review on the website as sophie. Just noticed one reviewer has said "lovely dress, good fit very pleased with it for the price. Only one slight draw back it is short at the back will defo be wearing tights with it."

In Part 2, sophie will be creating her cleavage and putting on her short, sexy dress, complete with pictures. As you might have guessed, I planned things so that she would be looking down at her own cleavage as she wrote punishment lines about not staring at ladies' breasts.

Bra -
Tights -
Dress -

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